12 Luxury Modern Kitchen Design Ideas to Inspire Your Renovation


Finished with a smooth, Tansy paint, the interior of the cabinet has a natural oak finish that adds a stunning sense of contrast and a more traditional feel. Artificial light, provided by Garden Trading’s large concrete pendant, provides atmospheric illumination come the evening, too. If you’re wondering how to balance these two elements together, then knowing how to plan kitchen lighting while also seeking inspiration from kitchen lighting ideas will help you to achieve the perfect combination. It is the softer edges and the accessories that provide the marked difference between minimalist kitchen ideas and Scandinavian kitchens. Be sure to incorporate lots of seating areas, with plenty of cushions and faux furs throws.

  • Whether your kitchen is in need of a refresh or you’re starting from scratch, these are our favorite modern kitchen ideas to inspire you.
  • An appliance island, where you can have a sink and/or oven fitted, cost a lot more as they need to be plumbed or wired in.
  • This beautiful kitchen with mountain views is the perfect mix of modern with nods to its western location.
  • While warm, neutral color schemes, natural-influenced materials, and seamlessly integrated floor plans are du jour, there are other signature identifiers of a modern kitchen.

As you host, it’s nice to feel like you are still a part of the gathering, even when you are mixing cocktails and refilling snack plates. If your kitchen is in need of an update or revamp, try making smaller changes before committing to a complete overhaul. For example, simply changing out a set of basic bar stools for ones with more personality can make the entire space look less dated. This subtle pop of purple cabinetry makes a bold statement in this otherwise neutral kitchen. So often we forget that a kitchen can be beautiful as well as functional.

Select a Standout Stone

You can use different types of materials for waterfall edges, including marble, granite or quartz. This design philosophy often embraces a monochromatic color palette punctuated by bold, contrasting accents. In a modern kitchen, expect to see a clean, simple and uncluttered design that’s user-friendly and caters to the needs of a fast-paced lifestyle while acting as a statement of personal style. Modern kitchens are characterized by sleek lines, minimalist aesthetics, and a focus on combining form with function. Common elements of this design include high-gloss cabinetry, state-of-the-art appliances, and polished surfaces that reflect light and create a sense of openness.

Often employed to complement a minimalist aesthetic, floor-to-ceiling cabinets can represent an effective way to maximise storage space and reduce clutter in the kitchen. If space is very tight within the kitchen itself, don’t be afraid to leverage space in adjoining rooms to get more storage. In this small kitchen design, Ami McKay of PURE Design utilized shelving on the opposite side for cups and other kitchenware. First, it maximizes space by leaving more room on the countertops for meal prep.

Kitchens with Both an Island and a Peninsula

The pristine white doors hide some of the appliances, as well as a sizable pantry. ELLE DECOR A-List designer Lorenzo Castillo infused this kitchen in a seaside villa with plenty of charm—from the fringed light fixture to the mustard kitchen island to the blue-and-white tile backsplash. But the rustic baskets—grouped atop the ornate cabinets—truly take it over the top.

  • Using a single, bold color blurs the edges of your room, alluding to more space.
  • This DIY English country cottage kitchen renovation from Lobster and Swan features reclaimed wood shelving, flooring, base cabinetry, and wall-mounted shelving made from recycled wood crates.
  • Shown above is Architecture for London’s kitchen extension to an Edwardian house in Muswell Hill.
  • Your backsplash doesn’t need to be the same around the entire room.

‘Pantry ideas – a pantry or larder cupboard is worth its weight in gold for storing dried and tinned goods, arranged in the way you live. For example, at home, we use the cupboard door racks for different boxes of herb teas, and the shelves for pulses, nuts and seeds in recycled glass jars. A hand-held label printer makes it easy to make simple, neat stickers for each container. ‘To enjoy your kitchen to its maximum potential, it is worth thinking, at the outset of the project, about the amount and type of storage that you need. After all, this is the place at home where you will probably spend most of your time, so being able to find what you need quickly and easily is going to make cooking more enjoyable.