23 Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

The software especially comes with a set of bathroom items that designers can use to make interactive floor plans. It helps them better understand what they’d expect the bathroom to look like. The realistic 3D rendering allows one to notice all details, including the exact dimensions of what’s incorporated. One can also choose the textures and colors needed for the flooring and walls. These delicate tiles come in colorful designs and completely color-free for a varied degree of subtle pattern.

Bathrooms serve as the perfect place to experiment with dramatic colors like black. In this project by Triple Heart Design, black chevron tiles set the stage for a gorgeous claw foot tub and inky black walls. A trio of matching light fixtures and a handsome wood vanity infuse warmth into the space. In this modern bathroom designed by Maestri Studio, bathroom tile is creatively used to create an abstract frame around the large soaking tub. To create cohesion throughout the space, the same tile is used in the shower.

Stone and Tile for Wainscoting

Sign up for the Sloan blog to receive information on the latest trends in commercial building, technology advancements and product updates. It’s the leading source of industry news for architects, designers, engineers and contractors. Opt for decorative or oversized mirrors that serve a practical purpose and act as captivating focal points. Unleash your creativity and personal style with a bathroom that reflects your unique taste and habits. It’s a sure way to make your bathroom a relaxing oasis where you can unwind.

  • This compact primary suite from Fantastic Frank includes a solid half wall finished in the same light beige stucco as the rest of the room that also helps to structure the smaller space.
  • Either purchase one that’s been pre-carved or choose one that’s been cast to the exact size and shape that you want.
  • Follow GreyHunt Interiors’ lead and mix both for a one-of-a-kind space that feels extra luxurious.
  • When square footage is scarce, innovation flourishes, and small bathroom ideas become the guiding stars for those seeking to optimize every inch of space.