25 Amazing Dream Bathrooms

Use different and even contrasting surfaces in your bathroom to create an eye-catching detail. For instance, pair a rough wall with a smooth wall and the result will be a dynamic design element that you’ll likley love. There are plenty of interesting ways to add a wide and wonderful range of artistic accents to your bathroom. That includes incorporating unique pieces into your design that can be placed, hung, or installed in various places. Having a ledge in your bathroom can give you a bonus area to display décor or store various toiletries. Of course, you can choose a ledge front and top that are both unusual and beautiful.


For example, a dark-colored countertop against a light-colored wall or a brightly colored grab bar against a neutral-colored tile can provide visual cues and aid in orientation. More is more when it comes to marble—and not just basic black and white. This Amalfi Coast bathroom designed by Jacques Garcia makes a chic case for color, with ruby and deep green stone throughout. With every new year comes the urge to reboot—and we can guarantee that this feeling will only be magnified when 2020 officially comes to a close. It should be a place where you love to spend time, whether you’re simply brushing your teeth or soaking in the tub with a glass of wine and a favorite book.

The Traditional Bathroom

While tiling the entire bathroom can quickly become an expensive endeavor, tiling one area can create an elegant focal point. Think about how lighting, wall-mounted fixtures, and a modern sink can add to the overall look. The quickest way to overhaul your bath with a new contemporary look? This super clean aesthetic can create both a contemporary and luxurious feel in one fell swoop, particularly with the addition of gold-toned hardware. Here are some bathroom design ideas that we heard straight from designers. Modern bathroom ideas don’t have to be cold—for example, rich wood and cozy lighting can warm up the space.

  • Jolie Korek A custom-designed silver travertine tub positioned in front of a large window with a view of a nature preserve is the centerpiece of this luxurious bathroom from Jolie Korek & Company.
  • Then, we come to the flexibility of the software, which it allows modifications of numerous elements, including the bathtub, backsplash, floor, and countertop.
  • A half bath is certainly more than just a powder room under the stairs.
  • Black and white tile in various shapes and sizes creates a cohesive feel that’s not at all matchy-matchy.
  • A large soaking tub at the far end is anchored by an oversized black-and-white photograph.

The Sloan AER-DEC® Integrated Sink System can play a significant role in these set-ups. With 36″ long, the grab bars on the rear wall must be mounted to 24″ and are to the transfer side of the toilet and the other 12″ to the wall side. Toilet paper should be located between a least24″ and 42″ from the back wall and at least 18″ above the finished floor, per the ANSI standard.

Floating Vanity with Thick Marble Countertop and Bronze Accents

Remodeling costs tend to soar when you start moving plumbing lines. Just switching an adjacent sink and toilet could set you back $1,500, Krengel says. “Moving the whole vent stack is the real big-ticket item,” she says. “You can tailor the storage to each person’s needs and maximize the space if you don’t need a second sink,” she says. (Plus, you’ll have only one sink to clean.) Don’t forget good vanity lighting.

  • For instance, you can hang a macramé item in your bathroom that’s either a simple piece that’s meant to hold a plant by a window or a larger piece that’s simply decorative.
  • Use a lighter shade of oak with white walls for a Scandinavian feel.
  • The second step implies choosing windows and doors, various elements, fixtures, and other bathroom elements you might need for the project.
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  • Maybe it’s the beautiful roman shades that add a final detail with a subtle brass-colored pattern.
  • By having an accessible bathroom, individuals with disabilities can experience increased accessibility, dignity, and autonomy.

Sonya Lee Architect chose colorful geometric cement tiles in shades of blue and gray in this Brooklyn townhouse bathroom. Bring retro glam to a tiny powder room with bold finishes and decor. Erin Williamson Design paired leopard print wallpaper with a vintage mirror and pendant light to create an outsized impact in a miniature space. Horizontal shiplap wall panels will make a narrow bathroom feel wider and more spacious.