30+ Top Kitchen Trends 2023: Color, Countertop and Tile Ideas


In many ways, your kitchen space dictates which kitchen layouts are available to you. With an open concept design, you can go with a single line with an island or L-shaped with an island. If you have three walls to contend with, you may be restricted to a U-shape or L-shape or G-shape. This is an elegant galley kitchen with a dining area beside it by the window. This dining set has a long dining table paired with dining chairs of the same dark wooden tone as the U-shaped peninsula of the kitchen with a built-in pair of wine storage.

For a sleek and open feel in your kitchen, swap out traditional upper cabinets for floating shelves. This modern design trend not only offers storage solutions but also creates an opportunity to display your favorite kitchenware. Opt for dark floating shelves against white tile backsplashes to achieve a striking contrast that adds depth and visual interest to the space.

Classic White Kitchen

Marie Flanigan Interiors built this one-wall kitchen around the windows, adding a long island with a built-in sink opposite the sleek induction stovetop located under the window. In a large open-plan space, consider an L-shaped layout that is adapted to the dimensions of your kitchen. Desiree Burns Interiors chose an asymmetrical L-shape for this open kitchen that features a long side beneath the windows, and a short wing on the left that houses the oven. The rectangular island is placed with the short end perpendicular to the long wall to allow flow to adjacent area like the home bar on the right. You don’t need to go into a full-on kitchen remodeling mode to get a modern look.

Bold, brightly colored cabinets and walls were the order of the day, and anything that wasn’t white or pale pink was out. It was a time when kitchens were seen as a place to let your personality show, and you could really let your hair down. A vaulted ceiling adds a light, soaring look to a kitchen, and the wood beams help make it a warm, welcoming look.

Delft tiles

One of the key Japandi design rules is a color palette that stems from nature, so of course the Japandi kitchen is characterized by a soothing color palette and the use of organic materials. If that sounds like something your home is craving, here are 6 ideas, tips, and tricks to help you get started with Japandi kitchen design. This dreamy blue hue is the perfect color choice for this eclectic California home.