34 Clever Kitchen Layout Ideas to Optimize Functionality and Flow


This island has a breakfast bar that has a white countertop blending with its white modern stools. This lovely kitchen that has two kitchen islands is dominated by two tones. One is the beige hue of the shaker cabinets and drawers as well as the flooring marble.

  • For this quaint cottage in Napa Valley, designer Dan Fink created custom furnishings that emphasize modern comfort.
  • The only thing is you have to be sure all is organized at all times.
  • The disadvantage of these is that they may not actually provide a lot of space, or be difficult to manoeuvre if they are heavy.
  • Like white, grey is great backdrop color that you can easily pair with other colors to create new looks.

Many people want open plan kitchen layouts with large central islands that include seating for casual meals. Make your U-shaped kitchen functional with a kitchen triangle layout. In this transitional space, the sink occupies the far wall, the oven is on the right wall, and the fridge is on the left wall to optimize flow. Even with proper ventilation, cooking odors can permeate the rest of the living space. Noise from handling pots and pans and putting away dishes and other kitchen chores can be amplified in an open room.

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At Goettling, you will get a vast choice for cabinet designs and materials that can be composed in your kitchen layout. It also has Black Natural Stone Countertops, White Cabinets with Black Hardware which is the reason why it stands out from the rest. Modern kitchen design consists of sleek, angular, and simple designs featuring little hardware, flush doors, and flat surfaces.

  • Create a spot for entertaining or catching up after a day of work by including an interactive cooking area when designing a kitchen island.
  • In the design process we can opt for a combination of the two so we design an Eclectic style kitchen.
  • An open kitchen can be fully open as part of an open plan living space or it can be partially open.
  • Our commitment to excellence ensures that your kitchen will be a welcome addition to the home.

Use these designs and expert tips as motivation to simplify your surroundings and focus on what really matters in your kitchen space. A transitional kitchen style is also a possibility when designing a Scandi kitchen by blending different contemporary and classic elements to personal taste. ‘Swedish design, on the other hand, is more homely and Shaker kitchen ideas are very common.