40 Exterior Home Ideas for the Ultimate Curb Appeal


Open any issue of House & Garden and you’ll find an edit of some of the most beautiful houses in the world. Here you can revisit many of those houses, from historic country houses to smart city flats. Whether your taste runs more to cosy country cottages or expansive new-builds, you’ll find plenty to browse here, and don’t miss the beautiful houses by our Top 100 Interior Designers. Edit the color and materials of the models to match your design.

  • The goal is visually represent properties and communities in the best possible light while aligning with a cohesive brand image.
  • When you place a door or window, it is inserted into the wall and the program automatically updates the framing.
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  • Each room in your HMO property will have its own dimensions and you should take this into account to create an attractive interior design.
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  • This should start with the design of the building and the heating and cooling systems.

We’ll work with you to create a home you’ll love for years to come. We passionately style homes to sell and design homes you will love to live in. We create beautiful spaces and our expert and professional property stylists, interior designers and trade professionals are committed to making your home look incredible. If you’ve ever dreamed of a canopy bed, we can do the magic for you. The bed in their landed house interior design fits all requirements for a resort-like bedroom. Moreover, you’d love the soft layering of the luxe bedside lamps and subtle ceiling lighting.

Interior Design Idea: Angled Details

Consider the function of each area and place furniture accordingly. For example, if you plan to use one area of the room for dining, make sure to place the dining table and chairs in a way that allows for comfortable seating and easy access to the kitchen. Use a tape measure or a laser measuring tool to ensure accurate measurements. Enter them into the software to ensure the floor plan reflects the actual dimensions of the room.


Redesign places by taking a picture or uploading a reference photo for redesigned AI generations. Remove, add, or replace elements and generate the fills with a prompt. Design your interiors and exteriors with a photo, and watch as Luw AI instantly works its magic.

Bali Villa Design: How to Design the Perfect Rental Property

You may have an instant start with the dozens of in-built templates for the floor plan examples and choose a floor plan template that suits your design and customize them based on your requirements. SoftPlan is a 3D modeling computer-aided design software product that allows you to create complete 2D drawings and 3D models. You can use it to generate extremely detailed renderings of architectural, engineering, and manufacturing projects. No matter if it’s a renovation, extension, or a building, a new house, building, or a hall, it is always critical to flesh out ideas for renovation and construction.

  • With many years experience, education and friendly personality, they are ready to share and help you in creating an interior with Balinese concept.
  • After an arduous process of researching and interviewing multiple interiors designers, we found Jacob Seah of Zenith Arc.
  • Whether you’re creating your dream home or a business, be that a gym, a daycare or anything else, you can do it with Planner 5D.
  • You can also renovate your home by updating the master bathroom, modernizing the home interior, or building a deck that will find a space planning assistant to help you with the floor layout plan.
  • Choose a floor plan template that best fits your project.

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