42 Spring Decorating Ideas to Freshen Up Your Home

Learn how to combine form and function to create an ideal living space. Before you get to work tearing down walls or throwing the paint up on the walls, there are a few steps to take first. Take the time to formulate a decorating plan; it’ll save you time and money. You could also seek out artwork, throw pillows, candles, or a rug featuring the classic shade too. Lightweight materials like rattan, wicker, and twine all add a summery feel to any space. This kitchen is instantly boosted with a beachy aesthetic with these textured pendants with woven shades fromGlobe Electric.

  • If you’re unable to replace the flooring, merge rooms with like-colored area rugs.
  • Handmade tiles are big interior design trend, thanks to their unique and organic patterns and colors that can provide a home-spun feature with artisanal appeal.
  • Amp up built-in shelves with a pastel-colored curtain that’s fit to hide everything from mugs to appliances.
  • Head to an antique store to stock up on vintage prints, or shop around your house for meaningful memories worth framing.

My designer helped me find a few to pieces to make my living/dining room space cozy and tastefully me. Industrial style is a lot of fun to take out to your entertainment spaces. From a hand-crafted steel fire ring to Edison bulb garden lights you can mix in a lot of great industrial accents into your outdoor home decor to make for the perfect outdoor space. Red and white are classic Christmas colors that adapt easily into a modern Christmas decor scheme. Craftberry Bush added bright red textiles and white decor accents that complement a tree decorated with red plaid ornaments for a modern traditional mix.


“Limewash creates a sense of old mixed with new and allow a room to have a moodier feel.” She encourages the trying out limewash in entryways or powder rooms to give those spaces more depth. Portola Paints comes in dozens of shades, from snowy Solaris to cerulean Hacienda to Vintage Black. Take a look back—50 years back—when tackling the backsplash, suggests Alex Alonso ofMr.

  • While this beautiful mirage of autumn shades naturally occurs outdoors, there’s a way to replicate it in and around your own property.
  • “They are extremely affordable and create a sophisticated look that grabs your attention.”
  • From little houses with too much black to yellow curtains, laugh at the minor details that make a home unique.

She is a true design enthusiast, always keen to dote on beautiful spaces, furnishings, and architecture. For as much attention as you pay to your interior space, don’t forget to infuse some coastal-inspired charm into your outdoor spaces, as well. “It’s important to put an emphasis on natural light,” says Switzer. Wicker has a naturally earthy texture that feels relaxed and lived in, making it the perfect addition to a coastal-inspired décor scheme. Not only is house decor typically much less expensive than furniture, it also experiences less wear and tear.


Here, a black and white floral pattern evokes spring along with a vase of bright yellow blooms. As the seasons change, simply swap out accessories like hand towels to transition the space to summer or fall. Bright floral wallpaper adds a bit of playfulness to this muted bedroom color scheme. Bold wallpaper patterns make decorating the rest of a room easy as it creates a focal point and provides a color palette to pull from. Peachy curtains, blush sheets, and an assortment of pink throw pillows tie the space together.

  • “If you don’t want to break the bank every year when winter comes, keep one or two fluffy pillows and a chunky blanket stored somewhere, and bring them out as soon as the temperature drops.”
  • These circular patterns are created using bold colors such as reds, blues, yellows, and greens.
  • The longer you live in a house, the less you see the mess over time.
  • For a relaxed style that suits practically every home and a simple one to get you started, go back to basics by introducing rustic and natural materials to each room.
  • “”The black and white checkered floor run throughout the house, and the white tiles on the wall compliment the patterned floor.
  • It’s a purchase we don’t make often, so we have to be sure to get it just right.

Adding pebbles, paving and treated timber decking to an outdoor bathing area doubles as a non-slip surface, and opening up your bathroom to the great outdoors looks stunning. For Balinese ‘staycation style’, you can’t go past a poolside thatched cabana and expertly carved wooden furniture for a true holiday-at-home experience. Decorative outdoor screening is a fantastic way to instantly make your outdoor area noteworthy. Not only are laser-cut metal screens attractive, but they are also highly durable and work brilliantly as privacy screening, particularly when paired with plants as pictured here. Discover more about our many projects covering dining, spa, and decorative ceramics for high-end city hotels, award-winning independent restaurants, and luxury island resorts.