45 Rustic Decorating Ideas to Add Charm and Character


These regions fuse traditional techniques with modern trends, delivering products that are truly remarkable. Family rooms and dens — home to all sorts of activities — demand general background illumination just as living rooms do. Table lamps and downlights will provide ample light whether family members are reading or playing a game of chess. As a rule, the bottom edge of the lamp shade should be at eye level of the person seated near it. If you want a standing lamp to function for reading, stand it behind the chair. For safety, run exposed cords along the baseboard or behind furniture — never under a rug.

Using antlers presents a unique opportunity to merge elegance with a touch of the rugged outdoors. They offer a diverse range of options; use them in their natural form or painted to inject a pop of color into your living space. When it comes to Mexican home decor, incorporating natural elements is key to creating an authentic and vibrant living space.

Put an Accent Wall in Your Shower

Daily advice and techniques to create the perfect living space for your home. Design West created a formal living room with a unique light fixture made from coconut. Whether your coastal decor space is a guest room or the best room in the house, make sure it feels approachable. An easy way to achieve this is through a lived-in, layered look. She also added pickled floors to add a sun-bleached and worn feeling.

  • Glass, concrete and metal are just a few of the modern home design materials that you’ll explore in this unit of your interior decorating class.
  • Whether you’re in the market for stylish storage solutions, cozy bedding, chic tabletop pieces, or something else entirely, you’ll draw plenty of inspiration from the vignettes featured below.
  • Cool gray tones work beautifully, too, as pictured in this living room by Amy Switzer Design.
  • Keep an open mind, and when the price is too steep, find a substitute within budget.
  • Emma Deterding established her international design firm, Kelling Designs, in 2006, and has since spread her love of color and pattern around the world, bringing joy to residences from London to Delhi.