65 Best Small Bathroom Design Ideas

You’re going to need somewhere to place all those bathroom accessories, so the bigger the better when it comes to the vanity countertop area. As for the sink itself, an undermount sink gives a more streamlined and efficient feel. You could consider a dual or even triple vanity to add some convenience for all the family. For practicality, remember to include some brighter spotlights over the vanity. A white ceiling or feature wall will ensure the dark brown theme doesn’t overwhelm. This will help ventilation and give you more freedom when positioning your shower head.

  • “Small bathrooms should have walk-in showers in clear glass enclosures,” says Artem Kropovinsky, interior designer and founder of Arsight.
  • If a beauty product isn’t cutting it, gift it to a friend or toss it ASAP.” According to DeMorrow, the less stuff you have, the more space you can enjoy.
  • Many designers opt to adorn central areas of floors and walls with vibrant tiles and surround this area with much more sober, monochrome tiles.
  • Moreover, having tutorials could help newcomers get adjusted to the software much quicker.
  • With some smart planning and clever design choices, even a tiny bathroom or small ensuite can truly feel roomy and provide everything your family requires.

“Bathrooms should be tranquil, restful spaces, but can often become busy with too many fittings,” says Dawes. “We simplified this bathroom by building out a box wall to allow the mirrored cabinets to sit flush. This also created space for a ledge shelf, which hides the pipework of the wall-hung sink and taps. Finishing the space in textured microcement further adds a sense of serenity.” If you’ve got the budget, space, and inclination, designing your bathroom around a statement bathtub will turn the space into a showpiece.

Pick a washbasin that’s a decorative focus

The gray bathroom features a floating dark wood vanity with a white countertop, concrete wall and floor tiles, and a walk-in shower. Concrete tiles and the wood texture serve a modern rustic appearance in this bright bathroom. The frameless glass separation wall of the shower contributes to this atmosphere and provides a seamless look. Inspiration for a large modern master bathroom with a white freestanding bathtub, nickel faucet kit, concrete wall tiles, and white abstract painting. The white painting above the bathtub creates a focal point and in a harmony with the concrete wall tiles.

  • Designer Augusta Hoffman elevated an ordinary space by employing not one but three types of stone in the powder room of her Manhattan apartment, from the floor to the wainscoting to the rustic sink.
  • The surprising pattern lends some character to an otherwise plain wall.
  • In this Greenwich Village studio, William Cullum made the ultimate statement with electric pink walls and a matching marbled shower curtain, courtesy of Voutsa.
  • For a real splash of drama, consider tiling the ceiling above the shower too.
  • The primary bathroom of this Gatsby-era mansion is as dapper as its homeowner, ELLE DECOR A-List designer Alfredo Paredes.

If your bathroom is on the small side, the soft sheen of an eggshell finish or satin will bounce the light around to make it feel bigger. Make sure the design you choose is specifically designed for the bathroom, though. If you want a successful bathroom design, you’ll need to think about which features your room should have, and how these will work together. And while it used to be thought of as a functional space only, these days we like to design a bathroom to be a time-out area as chic as a spa. Despite these many demands, getting a great bathroom design is really achievable.

A Simple Black-and-White Design

Oursler notes that when designing these types of bathrooms, she will sometimes install a separate water closet for the toilet within the space. Sometimes changing one thing can change the entire look of your bathroom. Chrome is the most popular finish, and it goes exceptionally well in traditional bathroom settings. It is durable, easy to clean and maintain and matches easily with other fixtures.