75 Beautiful Home Ideas & Designs May 2024

As you approach your twilight years, remodeling your bathroom should be high on your priority list. A universal design needs to be accessible, comfortable, and convenient for older people or people with disabilities. If you prefer baths instead of showers, a standard 5-foot tub will fit perfectly at the end of the room. While this powder bath is perfectly functional, you can tell there’s not a lot of intentional design going on.

  • In this bathroom, Sarah Fultz Interiors kept the rest of the bathroom fairly neutral, so the shower could demand all of the attention.
  • A concrete tub paired with natural materials and textures keeps the look rustic, but you can also make a statement by combining contradictory elements like an elegant chandelier or shiny fixtures.
  • Semi-opaque white curtains provide privacy without blocking light.
  • If you own a house with a circa 1950 bathroom, then chances are you are familiar with the rose-pink tile conundrum.
  • If your bathroom is wide enough, consider floating the bathtub in the center of the room.

When it comes to creating a luxurious bathroom, the devil is in the details, and one piece that can truly make or break the look and feel of your existing bathroom is the faucet. High-end bathroom faucets are more than just functional fixtures – they are statement pieces that can elevate even the most unremarkable bathroom into a true oasis of comfort and style. Combine these fittings with your desired vintage-inspired light fixture to create the perfect balance of style and function.

Optimal Layouts for Small Bathrooms

An over-the-bath shower or one situated in a separate enclosure will make a family bathroom more flexible, while in small en suites, a shower will fit where a bath won’t. When looking at how to design your bathroom, choosing the right shower comes down to more than just aesthetics as there are several logistical considerations too. For one, you will need to find a shower that matches the type of hot water system you have. Electric showers are popular as they run from a cold water supply and heat it on demand. Mixer showers use pre-heated water from a combi-boiler or hot water tank and can be fitted with a pump to ensure high-pressure flow rates. You might want to choose a thermostatic mixer than regulates the temperature – a safe choice for families.