75 Kitchen Ideas for Every Layout and Style

Having an island in your kitchen is a look and feature that is growing in popularity. The shiny black countertop is what we have grown up seeing in our homes. Granite is still the most cost-effective and sturdy kitchen slab design in India. Plus, everything goes with black and you will not feel restricted while choosing the colour of cabinets. Also, don’t miss the fact that all the base kitchen cabinets design are actually drawers that will significantly improve accessibility; this is one kitchen design that takes the elderly into account.

  • All you have to do is drag and drop the available shapes and add on extra shapes to expand the kitchen.
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  • For example, you can get ceramic tiles that look exactly like hardwood flooring.
  • This blue patterned wallpaper gives an all-white kitchen an instant upgrade.
  • Natural Brown Shaker cabinets are the perfect blend of old-world charm and contemporary convenience.
  • Japanese kitchen cabinets are crafted with precision and attention to detail, featuring unique features that set them apart.

“The use of metal appliances, wood tones, and reclaimed oak for the cabinetry captured this industrial feel,” says Regan Baker, founder and principal designer atRegan Baker Design. She decided to use blue base cabinets for a soothing effect, while the backsplash tile was added to contribute more visual interest to the space. Warm up white kitchen countertops and cabinetry with rich wood tones and gold accents for an easy modern look. Desiree Burns Interiors paired a lightly veined quartz island, backsplash, and countertops with stained wood and brass accents.

Install a vibrant range

She explains that it’s a great way to lean into a cozy, vintage-inspired look. Creating a timeless kitchen is all about striking a balance, between light and dark, moody and airy, functional and beautiful. In modern kitchen design, bringing in lots of light where you can is important. To brighten things up, take a page out of designer Amy Storm’s playbook and swap wood fronts for glass-front cabinetry. Not only will they reflect any natural or artificial light throughout the space, but they’ll allow you to put your favorite pieces on display. Modern doesn’t have to mean color or austere, as proven by this Lake Toxaway, NC, kitchen, designed by Platt Architecture and designer Cliff Fong.


This moody modern kitchen from Fantastic Frank has a sleek black-on-black design, with black wood cabinetry and a matching backsplash that has visible wood grain for added texture. When we think of modern kitchens, our minds often go straight to a classic white color scheme. However, this striking kitchen by Blueberry Jones Design takes the opposite approach by utilizing black everywhere. Inky cabinetry and black marble are balanced with shimmers of chrome details and a handsome wooden island. The intricate veining of this black marble backsplash is balanced out by the clean lines and warm color of wood cabinets. Matte black hardware ties in well with the drama of the backsplash and coordinates with the modern kitchen countertops.

Add a Pop Of Color

The kitchen as a hidden-away space that’s merely functional is an idea that’s long gone, and today they’re rooms to be shared with the family and with guests that must both work hard and look good. In a world where trends often come and go in the blink of an eye, there’s something inherently comforting about the timeless charm of vintage style. From the sleek lines of mid-century modern furnishings to the ornate elegance of Art Deco decor, the vintage revival trend has been steadily gaining momentum in contemporary interior design circles. Kitchen design in the 2010s is all about creating a space that is functional and user-friendly. People want kitchens that are sleek and modern, but they also want them to be functional. This means that kitchens in the 2010s need to be able to accommodate a variety of cooking methods and styles.

  • Decorative wall baskets add warmth and texture and fill the empty wall space above the tall built-in cabinets in this high-ceilinged London kitchen from Studio Peake.
  • Rather than fitting awkward corner cabinets ‘ just because you can’.
  • The main difference between a modern and contemporary kitchen is based on definitions.
  • Give glass-front cabinetry a budget DIY makeover by adding reeded glass window film that will slightly obscure the contents and add a more custom look, like this kitchen from Casa Watkins Living.
  • While it’s possible to live in your home while renovating the kitchen, it’s not recommended.
  • Whether you’re an experienced chef or rarely go beyond microwaving ramen noodles, your kitchen is an integral part of your space.

And meticulous attention to detail is evident throughout, with consistent 0.1-inch gaps maintaining a clean and visually balanced aesthetic between cabinetry and any potential appliance additions. Renovate a Victorian-style kitchen with white cabinets and black countertops for a fresh modern feel that doesn’t detract from the history of the space. Leanne Ford Interiors added a white subway tile backsplash with dark grout and mosaic penny tile floors with a border pattern to tie it all together. Because a rustic kitchen doesn’t have to mean traditional and cottagey, there is the side of rustic style that’s more boho and would suit modern kitchens. When it comes to kitchen ideas, we do tend to think of traditional wall and floor cabinets as being a must, but what if in fact all your space needed was a sizable kitchen island? Keep the walls and floors at the edges of your room free of furniture and just have a kitchen island in the center – sink, oven, and storage all built-in!