99 Stunning Bathroom Remodel Ideas to Inspire Your Renovation


A mix of finishes and stains creates depth and interest while ensuring the space is fully saturated with warmth. Smooth white countertops get a dose of warmth with brass hardware. When working with minimal spaces, be sure to consider how you can add warmth and texture in a subtle way within the space.

  • When possible, carve space out of walls to create built-in storage niches and cubbies that won’t encroach on the room like bulky cabinets.
  • Wallpaper is great for making an impact in small spaces like powder rooms.
  • Think of your bathroom as your personal spa-like wellness center in your home that you can escape to any time you need.
  • The stylish black screen creates a sense of privacy in this chic industrial-style bathroom within an updated warehouse home.

That’s not to say a compromise is needed, though – any style can be worked into a well-thought-through, functional bathroom. Even bathrooms with the most expensive fittings and sanitaryware can end up appearing disjointed if the details aren’t carefully considered. I am so happy to have Jimmy, my project manager, who is very professional, courteous and put customer needs on his top priority at all times. Jimmy was extremely patient and answered all my questions with details. My project manager was brilliant and the whole process was really easy and fast.

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Below, we’ve showcased minimalist bathrooms in eight homes from around the world from Mexico to Belgiumthat show creative and beautiful solutions for this important room. ‘Phil Liederbach, of Liederbach & Graham Architects, and I chalked out what we needed on the walls inside the quarry,’ he recalls. ‘The dramatic veining of the stone creates high impact, while its myriad soft grey hues introduce a quiet depth. Phil’s beautifully proportioned architectural detailing frames nature perfectly.’ he explains. Embrace these ideas and design a bathroom that reflects your commitment to a greener future, making a positive impact on the environment while enjoying a functional and aesthetically pleasing space.


From the walls to your hardware choices, a bathroom remodel gives you a chance to truly flex your creativity and show off some personality. Flooring matters, too, and can even serve as a focal point of this high-function space. To that end, when picking out bathroom flooring tile, establish the overall aesthetic you’re going for and then consider branching away—if even slightly—from the expected. For a clean, modern bathroom design, keep fixtures and finishes minimal. However, the room doesn’t have to be void of ornamentation or personality. Hang a graphic pendant light fixture above a freestanding egg-shaped tub for a look that wows.

Modern Sink Vanity

Include wall paneling, and a freestanding claw-foot bathtub if you can. To capture this style you’ll need to use clean lines, open spaces, and a minimal approach with monochrome tones. A high-quality freestanding tub can work well as a stunning centerpiece. Stick to earthy colors and remember to protect any exposed wood with a waterproof sealer. Don’t get too carried away either, some bathroom remodel decorating ideas might look great, but can be challenging to maintain. Opt for fewer accessories and ornaments for faster, hassle-free cleaning.

Designing a bathroom can be daunting, especially since it is an integral part of any house. But, we have provided you with a list of some of the best tools to get the task done. The work is made easier since the entire process is aimed at allowing the designer to express creativity. While coming up with a layout and plans for the bathroom, the design is done in 3D, and the documentation is in 2D.