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While a full-sized canoe may be grand, mini versions bring in a subtler, yet equally captivating accent. With thoughtful placement and careful curation of what you display, a canoe shelf can undoubtedly become the centerpiece that anchors your cabin’s decor. Maintenance involves periodic shaking and spot cleaning, making these rugs not simply decorative, but practical and manageable for everyday use.

  • Diwans are adorned with plush cushions and bolsters featuring intricate embroidery or brocade fabrics, adding both comfort and style to the space.
  • For instance, pair a large, bright floral print with a subtle geometric pattern in a complementary hue.
  • In this design, she kept things simple with a clean color palette, fun window treatment, and terrazzo countertops.
  • In this Maine living room from Tyler Karu, a vintage plinth classically used to display sculptures shows off a large plant instead.

Despite being the heart of the home over the holidays, your kitchen decor scheme can get a bit overlooked when it comes to Christmas. We can always count on department store, John Lewis & Partners to deliver the goods when it comes to Christmas decor. Their TV adverts tease us with just a sprinkle of seasonal magic, but their Xmas interior trends are the real gift. Here, their Copper River theme is a grown-up take on navy and rust orange. While grandma and grandpops might prefer a more traditional Christmas color scheme, we prefer something a little more…

Une Escale a Bali

Styling vintage silver pieces adds elegance to your tables and countertops. Add a touch of color and pattern to your bedroom with light and leafy patterned wallpaper. Desiree Burns Interiors framed wallpaper panels with wood trim for a high-impact look with a minimum of materials. When decorating an older home, lean into authenticity with vintage patterns. Brexton Cole Interiors mixed old and new in this dining room wallpapered in an intricate vintage floral pattern with touches of pink, yellow, and blue.


Shelves can add order to any space, but depending on how you display them, they can also add visual appeal. Consider staggering yours to create a storage set-up that doubles as a statement-maker. Lighting can change the way a room looks and feels, so don’t take your fixtures for granted. Take a good, hard look at your bedroom’s lighting set-up, and consider whether it could be improved. A quick coat of paint can change a space, and if you’re really looking to switch things up, consider committing to a bolder color.