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Metallic hardware and plumbing fixtures look and feel special, not to mention they’re beautiful to look at. The larger the mirror, the more light it reflects, and it can also help make your space look bigger. Take inspiration from House Beautiful’s 2022 Whole Home where an oversized pivot mirror is the focal point of this primary bathroom. There’s few things more luxurious while getting ready than having a designated vanity. If your bathroom’s space allows, add a space just for you to slow down and take care of yourself, both at the start and end of your day. To free up visual space and streamline your bathroom’s design, choose to float your sink rather than have a pedestal or vanity cabinet beneath it.

  • The result adds a grandeur to the bathroom that is only amplified by the statement piece cabinet.
  • A stand-up shower may be a better option if you do not have a lot of space in the bathroom or want to save space.
  • Your best choice will also provide a friendly customer service team to answer any questions – this can be invaluable if you need help at any point in your project.
  • The app already has designs made beforehand, and one can choose from the images.

To ensure that your chosen lighting fixture is certified for bathroom use, identify its IP rating is appropriate for the area it will be located in. Bone china gives a gentle, ambient glow and prismatic glass exaggerates and intensifies light. Whereas aluminium and other metals bring more of an industrial feature and greater visual impact to your bathroom plan. Choosing the correct lighting can create different looks for your bathroom throughout the day, night and seasons.

Inject low-key luxury with large marble tiles

A perfect modern bathroom design you can incorporate is using pendants to help link the whole space together. While it cannot be seen as an atmospheric light source, this modern bathroom design can make the space feel cosier. Our bathrooms are the space where we rejuvenate ourselves, so it’s only right that we should design them in a gorgeous manner.

  • Everything in your bathroom includes design elements that can be used to achieve balance, rhythm, and emphasis.
  • Concrete, exposed pipes, and natural wood can all help you achieve the look you desire.
  • As a general guide, you’ll need at least 1 CFM per square foot of room area.
  • Whether you’re rethinking a powder room, half bath, or primary bathroom, the updated space should be welcoming and calming, no matter the size.
  • For maximum impact, the best way to introduce rounded shapes is to use them for the two key focal points – the basin area and the bath.

We have absolutely no complaints at all and came back a second time for the family bathroom and toilet. Lighting is a strategic way to create a soothing bathroom atmosphere that is as indulgent as your favourite spa. To plan this start by working out how you use the bathroom and plan your bathroom ideas and design schemes. The best way to start any design process is to analyse your current space and its properties and how it’s going to be used. Most bathrooms can be spilt into zones; the vanity area, the bath, and the shower area. Bathroom lighting plays an important part to the overall atmosphere of your bathroom.

Make It Like a Spa

In fact, mixing metallics and varying the finishes in your space is a great trick for adding depth and visual interest. Here, a polished silver faucet pairs nicely with white and gold light fixtures and an oil-rubbed bronze doorknob. Interior doors are often forgotten when it comes to renovations, but upgrading your standard, builder-grade hollow-core doors can make a huge impact on the final look of your space.


I always liked the idea of having a freestanding tub in a Brownstone; it just feels fitting. The freestanding tub does require a bit more space, but it is an excellent addition to your bathroom. The photo below shows the powder room in a UES apartment we renovated.