Best Master Bathroom Design Ideas 2023

However, amenities and features have taken on a new level of awesomeness. Presenting are 50 of our top bathroom ideas for upgrades and renovations. A great master bathroom staple is a lovely freestanding bathtub, positioned such that it opens up views of the surrounding landscape. Nothing quite spells modern bathroom designs better than a wood-dominated space fitted with high-tech fixtures. Modern bathroom ideas are about more than just sterile, white boxes that are pure function. We’re see more and more intriguing use of color and texture in bathrooms in modern homes, and it’s making these spaces so much more fun to design.


Adding or designing a tiny bathroom requires meticulous planning to optimize functionality, aesthetics, and comfort within constrained dimensions. To maximize the limited space, prioritize vertical and horizontal storage solutions like wall-mounted shelves and opt for space-saving features like compact toilets and sinks where possible. Lighter or neutral colors also create an illusion of spaciousness, and adding mirrors helps reflect light and give the space a larger feel. Carrara marble tiles dress up the vanity wall as well as the inside of the glass-enclosed shower. A cool gray paint color was inspired by the mix of contemporary bathroom tiles and helps the white accessories stand out. Features such as a vessel sink, simple soaking tub, and floating vanity help this marble bathroom have a modern air.

Float the Bathtub

A copper bath is a stunning addition to any home but will particularly shine in a cottage bathroom. Its polished exterior ages gradually over time, transforming from a deep pinkish hue to a warming red-brown, that will complement your home’s original charm. Lighting is important in any bathroom but even more so in a cottage bathroom where windows are often small so lighting is limited. Lethbridge London bathroom design, you won’t have to worry about becoming bored. Cypress Design Co. did an excellent job with the bathroom’s primarily black and white hues.

  • Once you start designing your bathrooms, do let us know about your experience.
  • You’ll be surprised by how little effort is required to add a whole new lease of life to your space.
  • It helps them better understand what they’d expect the bathroom to look like.
  • A large cactus, wicker vase filled with pampas grass, and wood details liven up this relaxing bathtub area.

A classic bathroom style usually involves beautifully contrasting colors. You’ll also need to include timeless materials like marble, stone, and ceramic. With a slightly wider 6 x 8 bathroom, you can position a full-sized tub on one side with the toilet and vanity sink on the other. An alternative would be to position the toilet centrally, using a wall cistern to save on space. Consider a centrally-placed bathtub for the ultimate luxurious relaxation spot. Use indoor plants, add floating shelves, and place chairs or baskets to fill the space.

Introduce color and pattern with bathroom blinds

To get you inspired to refresh your space in the new year, Good Housekeeping asked our favorite interior design pros to share the bathroom trends that are worth keeping on your radar in 2022. Put an elegant spin on a rustic bathroom design with a gorgous claw foot tub, a lantern-style pendant light, and a distressed area rug. Add charm with beadboard, but paint it the same color as the walls for an understated look.

  • For a bit of contrast, there’s a wood slat vanity that brings in a natural, earthy element.
  • Create a relaxing space to get ready for the day and unwind in the evening by designing a modern bathroom.
  • Several space-saving tips, coupled with a few lovely accessories and fixtures, will transform the tiniest bathrooms into an admirable space in minutes.