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Yet the space still has a streamlined and simple contemporary vibe as well. Natural wood features, such as shelving or countertops, are often paired with sleek glossy cabinets in contemporary kitchens, as shown in this bold kitchen byAtticus & Milo. Besides being attractive, the slick cabinet surfaces are easy to keep clean. Custom wood cabinets stained black set the tone for this contemporary kitchen by Space Craft Joinery. The bold pattern of the wood tile backsplash personalizes the space. And the white countertops ensure that the kitchen doesn’t become too dark.

  • If the room will be used during the day as a work space, do you want to be able to shut it away?
  • The kitchens became even more sleek and modern, and they started to use more exotic materials such as wood and bamboo.
  • The new plan removed an outdated screened porch at the rear which was replaced with the new family room and moved the kitchen from a dark corner in the front of the house to the center.
  • Use these designs and expert tips as motivation to simplify your surroundings and focus on what really matters in your kitchen space.
  • These trends are all about making your kitchen work for you, bringing substance and style to last the test of time.

Modernize a galley-style kitchen with a semi-open layout that includes peninsula seating, like this New York City space from interior designer Alvin Wayne that opens up the living area. In a luxury kitchen, break up the linear feel of an L-shaped layout with a custom island. Maestri Studio created a focal point with a bright yellow island topped with an oval-shaped marble top for a signature look that adds curves and facilitates flow. Focusing kitchen appliances and storage along one wall is practical for smaller spaces.

Kitchens with Hardwood Flooring

5 small kitchen ideas from stunning Indian homes that prove size isn’t everythingDiscover how these small kitchen ideas bring both style and functionality to these Indian homes from the AD archives. Homeowners are looking to install beverage stations in their kitchens in 2024. This upgrade includes coffee bars with built-in coffee makers, wet bars, and smoothie stations with room to store glassware in the cabinets. Use the grid merely as a starting point that you can modify to suit your space. A good size island can range from about 2m to 3m long and 1.1m to 1.4m wide .