Commercial Bathroom Ideas Commercial Bathroom Design Ideas


Using green in your bathroom makes for a soothing, and calming atmosphere. A white bathroom vanity with hints of pastel green works well alongside a mint bathroom stool. Plants are the obvious choice to add deeper pops of emerald tones. Natural wood flooring also matches the green theme nicely, keep in mind that the wood needs to be sealed properly. A feature beam, solid wood vanity, and wooden door can provide the required brown tones while grey tiles give you a sturdy and robust finish. Dark-colored bathroom accessories would complement the style nicely.

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Go for a chic black, white and gold design

“”The light teal walls brighten up an otherwise stark bathroom.Universal design creates a space that works for every family member at every stage of life. A minimalist design allows you to focus on natural light and views. In this minimalist bathroom from Tidal Interiors, LED backlighting adds a glamorous touch to a sleek built-in wall-to-wall shower niche. The ambient light creates a soothing glow for nighttime showers and adds another layer of lighting in a space lacking in natural light. Think about choosing durable finishes to ensure that you can keep your minimalist bathroom looking spick and span. According to Atlanta-based interior designer Beth Halpern Brown, this includes quartzite, quartz, stone, and ceramic tiles rather than marble—which requires serious upkeep.


Instead of extending all the way to the floor, this wood vanity is mounted to float on the wall — which gives this bathroom a chic feel and creates the illusion of more space. Jessica Stull, owner of Parker Interiors, installed honeycomb-shaped floor tiles in this bathroom, which add a bit of visual interest without overwhelming the simple space. Interior designer Jessica Risko Smith makes this space feel both peaceful and glam with plenty of gold accents, ranging from the side table beside the tub to the wall sconces hanging above the vanity. Take a cue from designer Robin Wilson and design a monochromatic bathroom by bringing your floor covering up to the walls. This marble design looks elegant, especially when paired with gold fixtures.

Design Symmetrically

To really set the scene, why not finish it all off with a fast-flowing waterfall shower. For a modern twist on the farmhouse design, add a crisp coat of white paint to the traditional shiplap paneling. You can keep the furniture-style vanity and lush green plants to really achieve the modern farmhouse fusion. A large bathroom provides lots of available space and gives you complete freedom with your bathroom design ideas. Instead of sprucing up or adding a classic window, make it attention-grabbing with a unique shape like in this bathroom by designer Sarah Solis.

  • In small bathrooms, lighting is very important and plays a major role in making your space look bigger or smaller.
  • If someone has trouble finding inspiration, HomeByMe makes community projects available to users.
  • Chicago-based Mondi is also seeing this trend play out in an urban context.
  • These eye-catching shapes will not just grace the floor either; they will also be used as bathroom backsplashes, on shower walls, and possibly ceiling accents to create the bold accents we so desire.

Strategic lighting brings to focus the great features of the bath – exceptional wall, recessed shelves and floor. The exquisite detailing of this bathroom’s window is what makes its interior design a standout. A vintage bureau holds the sink and matching the floor, while the plain neutral walls serve as the background to the beautiful windows. Marble always shows up amongst the top bathroom ideas and designs. Just one stunning marble wall is more than enough, especially if you have a very distinct Emperador dark marble. Why contend with the plain, generic and boring tile designs when you can create your own masterpiece in the bathroom?