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Conversely, a wrong rug will completely undermine the appearance of any room or house. You should choose the type of rug based on the overall theme of the room. Placing a luxurious rug in a room with a contemporary theme will look out of place.

  • However, with the introduction of these specially designed habitats, that number has soared to an impressive 41%.
  • Even though the project has been completed, he continues to assist with minor adjustments and the passion to do well does not seem to be lost.
  • House Design Envision and build your dream home with ease.
  • Ready Unit Living Leasehold 2-Bed Villa in the Heart of Sanur.
  • Bold is a creative property marketing agency, with a flair for brand, brochure design, web and marketing experience’s exclusively for the property sector.

With a wide range of effects, filters, and tools to work with, Illustrator is a great home design software for beginners. Because of its popularity, there is also an active support community where you can collaborate and seek help if you have questions. The best part about the software is its clean interface that is well-structured which makes it easier for users to utilize all the tools efficiently. You can use the application to create illustrations, sketches, typography, and almost anything that your creative mind can formulate. So if you’re looking to create a complete a complete construction document quick fast, Cedreo is the perfect choice.

is our paramount goal. – Zenith Arc Landed House Interior Design

You only need to make a 30% down payment and we can tailor make a payment plan for you. Yes we offer 50% financing for up to 36 months on our developments. Our well recognised Management team with an inventory of over 100 villas is available to our buyers. You can pay for your villa at the end of the construction.


No matter how big your garden is, you can always draw the eye up with tall flowering plants. Try planting cosmos, like the ones seen here, which add pops of color in a particularly standout way. Consider how your house exterior will look all year long.