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The countertops, trim, and shelving by Cambria and rustic Cantera floor from Materials Marketing all reflect Dorsey’s “European elegance meets industrial edge” aesthetic for this ultra-chic cookspace. Blue is a versatile kitchen colour – whether you choose elegant peacock, calming aquamarine, or a more regal shade. Blue kitchen cabinets pair nicely with cool stainless steel and black and white glass or marble. Are you in the process of designing a new kitchen and don’t know where to begin? One of the very first things you’re probably doing is trying to find kitchen design ideas and photos that showcase the newest designs and modern features.

  • Keep the walls and floors at the edges of your room free of furniture and just have a kitchen island in the center – sink, oven, and storage all built-in!
  • With a centralized dashboard, all details and communications are clearly laid out in one place.
  • Jessica Nelson Design accented this modern black-and-white kitchen with gold-toned accents that reflect light and add a measured dose of bling.

‘Engineered timber is usually more stable than solid wood, but both should be protected from standing water. ‘Real wood – the same applies to wood, attractive for its unique characteristics and warmth. ‘A breakfast cupboard or coffee station is also useful, as it can be used to store all the things you need in one place, including cups, coffee machine and biscuits.

Add a built-in bench

After living at home for years in the pandemic, form and function are about to come back to equal fitting in terms of design priority. Although whites and neutrals will have their place, 2023 represents a new age of invigoration and exploration. The kitchen is embracing color, eclectic styles, and a sense of personal authenticity previously lacking in home design of the last five years. According to Angi, the average homeowner in America spends around $25,000 on a kitchen remodel. So if you’re feeling uninspired by your current kitchen and have the capital, there are boundless directions you can go in to revitalize the space. In an exclusive interview with House Digest, experts Cinque Cerra-Saunders, Sarah Bowen, Sara Mosele, Nikki Klugh, Melissa Fields, and Alexis Peters broke down 25 kitchen trends to expect in 2023.

  • If you’ve got a stainless stove or fridge, adding in brass or gold pulls can feel sleek and modern.
  • Ashley Montgomery Design used soothing green paint on the lower cabinets of this calm kitchen space, skipping upper cabinets to create a light and airy feel.
  • Consider the other rooms that will be in eyesight when designing your kitchen.
  • If your galley-style kitchen is connected to other spaces, run the same hardwood flooring throughout that allow it to seamlessly blend into the rest of the interior, like this space from from Will Brown Interiors.

Integrate the latest in smart home technology to control lighting, temperature and even cooking from your smartphone or voice commands, ensuring a high-tech, hands-free cooking experience. For the caffeine connoisseur, a dedicated area with a high-end coffee maker, a selection of gourmet beans, and all the accessories will complete your luxury kitchen experience. Get exclusive weekly updates to Singapore’s design scene, trend scoops, shopping and interior styling tips with our newsletter now. A 4-room HDB BTO flat with a throw-back to all things natural and raw, with a tribute to the basic elements.

Black Magic

They provide easy access and showcase your tableware, especially when it’s in all colours of the rainbow. Think out of the box, take a little risk, and add that splash of colour to brighten up any dull and lifeless room. Accent walls are all the rage in South Africa – they are arty and different. Choose the blue of the sea, the black of a night sky, or an earthy red the colour of the desert. Add a little local South African flavour to an otherwise dull and lifeless kitchen.

  • With traditional/civil kitchens, it is difficult to choose from a lot of options since you have to rely on the carpenter’s choices.
  • It is fairly simple and very modern in terms of looks as there are no rims and extra stainless steel is not visible.
  • Updating the hardware is a great way to try out new trends as well.
  • In this home designed by Los Angeles-based firm LAUN, the kitchen features a custom stone island and unlacquered brass cabinetry.
  • Pendant lights – One of the easiest ways to bring the mixture of light and shade into the room is to use the pendant lights.

Using the vertical space in a kitchen is a great way to add cabinet storage space, but reaching those upper cabinets is a different story. Liljencrantz Design added a sliding ladder to make reaching those cabinets easier, and the unique hardware brings a cool factor to the monochromatic design. In this kitchen, designer Emily Henderson wanted to make a subtle statement. Instead of going with the usual blue color, she opted for a deep green color.