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Plants are another fantastic addition to any home, their vibrance and vitality offer a unique complement to both modern and traditional decor. Pair them with a quote that says, “The ultimate sophistication is simplicity,” and you have yourself an elegant, living art piece. Remember, an inspirational quote isn’t just a group of fancy words—it’s a compass that can direct the course of your interior design quest. Just as love quotes whisper the language of the heart, the good design communicates the story of your soul through each aspect of your home decor. Texas Bungalow Eclectic InteriorTexas bungalows are one of my personal favorites. Also many have great bones with awesome architectural features, such as this Eclectic Texas Style, with its pops of color and well-defined living areas.


Robyn from Robyn’s French Nest loves to travel and bring her vintage treasure to her lovely Florida Home. For the best result, professionals suggest that you remove existing wallpaper and clean and prime your wall before hanging new wallpaper on the wall. This will ensure that your walls have no irregularities and help guarantee a more long-lasting result. A big enough mirror can seemingly create a tunnel to another world. The gorgeously cut example in this living room by Studio Plow looks almost like an arched doorway into another room, creating the illusion of more space.

Moroccan-Inspired Patterns and Textures

The physicist Isaac Newton developed the first color wheel way back in the 17th century when he was studying the effects of a beam of light shining through a prism. Objects of similar materials — silver bowls at either end of the sofa, silver candlesticks on the mantle — unobtrusively bring harmony to a space. Another option is to use color to unite objects that have no common thread. When you are seeking extra elbow room for a meeting of the school com­mittee, a streamlined maple coffee table on casters is easy to roll away. If someone in the family uses a wheelchair, make certain there is plenty of room for their maneuverability, and arrange seating so they can conveniently pull up and join in. Figure approximately 30 inches for walkways, and position sofas and chairs no more than eight feet apart or people will have to strain to hear one another.

  • The quality craftsmanship and cute little drawers were hard to resist.
  • Whether you hang them on the wall, from a peg board, or set them on a table, they are sure to add vintage charm to your decor.
  • For a gorgeous springy tablescape, opt for your most delicate and decorative pieces, such as floral china dishes and cut crystal glasses.
  • From packing style in small living rooms to arranging spacious setups, we have you covered with inspiration for every kind of room.