Eight bathrooms that confidently combine colour and pattern

If your bathroom doesn’t include a linen closet, an armoire is a great way to add that extra needed storage space, if you have the space in your bathroom. This glass-front armoire keeps everything you need at hand, from toiletries to linens. Elaborate mirrors and vintage-inspired vanities enhance the design’s elegance. These pieces reflect light and add a touch of grandeur to the space.


From botanical-inspired designs to designs featuring motifs, there’s a wide array of wallpapers in the market. Our advice is to use subtly patterned wallpaper with wood paneling to create a luxurious country feel. When designing traditional bathrooms, don’t overlook the importance of the decorative yet functional style. Embrace these distinctive materials and treatments to turn your traditional bathroom into a magical spa. What makes traditional style bathrooms great is that they are a charming idea even if you don’t live in a vintage home.

The bathroom doesn’t have to be boring – and these elevated design schemes prove the point

Pastel and ivory toilets and sinks came first; fixtures in mauve and orchid, mint green, and peach were utilized in the 1930s bathroom. Marble decor has spanned the ages, and marble wall tiles, flooring, bathtubs and vanities will always have a place in bathroom design. Light up the look of this elegantly veined material with beautiful IC Lights S Pendant like the IC Lights S Pendant. Imagine the frothy feeling of a warm bubble bath against your skin. If your existing bathroom decor doesn’t reflect that image, or evoke that same pampered feeling, then perhaps it’s time to reassess your surroundings. This extensive collection of 50 luxury bathrooms is filled with high end inspiration on how to create yourself a truly sumptuous space.

  • Create a Luxurious Atmosphere in Your BathroomFrom luxurious bathtubs to full bathroom schemes, you’ll find everything you need to create the perfect bathroom.
  • So if it’s too deep for you to step into, simply add a marble ledge to make it easier without compromising the style of the space.
  • “We chose a classic black and white color palette and gave it character by using geometric shaped tile. The unique tile gave this space a wow factor guaranteed to impress any guest.”
  • Fix together standard 1 x 2 wood lengths with pocket-hole screws for a clean, minimal, and inexpensive storage solution.