Eight bathrooms that confidently combine colour and pattern

Here, an ofuro-style cedar tub takes centerstage atop a platform clad in softly gleaming black limestone tile. These deeply veined walls, reaching well beyond the standard ceiling height, are punctuated by a Lazzarini & Pickering pouf. For smaller apartments or condominiums, choose light and bright colours. The dark tile colours in this shower area adds depth and dimension to the space. Proper lighting is crucial to create a safe and accessible bathroom environment.

  • For everything there is a season, and for mahogany and brown countertops, it was the 1990s.
  • If you’re unsure, you can pick up this paint sample box from Lick to try a few different warm-neutral options.
  • In this bathroom tile design by Incorporated, the walls are mostly black tiles, but there is a special section of colorful tiling under the sink.
  • Go for unexpected materials to give your contemporary bathroom some individuality.

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Use reflective bathroom tile ideas to bounce the light

This limitation may keep users from achieving the desired level of detail and personalization in their designs. Originally designed as business software for flow charts and 2D diagramming, SmartDraw lacks certain features found in dedicated design software. While some users may appreciate the simplicity and ease of use of a 2D interface, it’s important to consider the limitations of not having an immersive 3D environment for visualization. The lack of a 3D view in SmartDraw can make it harder to accurately perceive the spacing between bathroom components and make it more challenging to visualize the final result.

  • When you design, renovate, or simply refresh a bathroom, you certainly want your windows to provide you with light and privacy.
  • South Bay Green did a fantastic job with this surprisingly straightforward bathroom design.
  • Here are some of our favorite ideas for tiny bathrooms, from modern bathrooms in tiny homes to sleek half baths for guest use.
  • However, they can be more wasteful in smaller spaces, if lots of cutting and fitting is required.
  • If Adam and Eve’s Garden of Eden had its own shower space, we suspect it’d look a little something like this.

Users can view their bathroom designs from different angles to visualize the final result better. This enhances the design process and allows for any necessary adjustments before implementation. A standout feature of RoomSketcher is its comprehensive library of bathroom appliances, furniture, plumbing fixtures, decor, and accessories, available in various styles.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas With a Tub

Also, providing cost estimates to users after they’ve finished designing the bathroom would go a long way in understanding the budget of the project. There isn’t much more one can expect from the software, but it would be nice to have a price estimation. Moreover, while designing bathrooms, the program offers several options. But, it is quite complex to navigate at the start, so RoomToDo would benefit from more tutorials. Despite many leeways, when it comes to the finer aspects of designing, the program does have some scope of improvement.


With its precise measurement tools and 3D rendering capabilities, RoomSketcher allows for detailed visualization from various perspectives. To aid you in your bathroom planning, we have gathered a list of the 16 best bathroom design software tools we believe will be most helpful. Space Factory added a textured sandy beige finish to this space and added a wall-to-wall integrated bench that makes the narrow space feel wider.