Eight dining room and kitchen interiors featuring natural materials


If you truly love cooking it makes sense that your kitchen ideas should be centered around functionality first. The growing interest in home cooking during has lead to the rise in interest in chef’s kitchens – how they are laid out, the appliances they include and their practicality-first design approach. In a world where trends often come and go in the blink of an eye, there’s something inherently comforting about the timeless charm of vintage style. From the sleek lines of mid-century modern furnishings to the ornate elegance of Art Deco decor, the vintage revival trend has been steadily gaining momentum in contemporary interior design circles. In the world of interior design, small spaces often present unique challenges when it comes to creating a sense of style, comfort, and vitality.

  • We have years of experience in the industry and a team of skilled professionals who are dedicated to creating beautiful and functional kitchens.
  • Clean vertical lines streamline the space, while large windows make for sweeping skyline views.
  • No ornamentation or exterior models are imprinted to keep the kitchen interior design simple yet sophisticated.
  • Mixing and balancing old and new elements will ensure that your kitchen design doesn’t look like either a vintage time capsule or a trendy space that will be dated by next year.

A full measure and design service, including virtual reality, and a personalised 2D and 3D plan. Adding an island can also be a good way to keep busy traffic to a minimum — no matter if it’s to keep young children away from hot cooking area, or to limit walk-throughs from pets. “Also think about how you will use your new space throughout the seasons and how to make garden access easy,” suggests Keith Myers of The Myers Touch. Make a note of your routine throughout the day to indicate what times the kitchen will be utilised for which task. A clever trick seen in many recent kitchens is to conceal a large pantry as if a normal tall kitchen cupboard, but when the door is opened a long walk-in pantry is positioned the length of the unit run. Also organise spices, herbs and oils in drawers, cupboards or pull-out larder kitchen units between a workspace and the oven/hob.

Install wood flooring to ensure a warmth

There’s also a great deal of reassurance to be found in the knowledge that a freestanding kitchen can be configured in different ways to meet your family’s changing needs. ‘While the architecture of the cabinetry may pay homage to a particular era, the equipment can be state of the art and tailored to your lifestyle,’ explains Jane Stewart, design director at Mowlem & Co. As the layout develops, start thinking about the lighting, not only for wiring purposes, but also so that you can problem-solve as the plans unfold, says Jamie Blake, creative director of Blakes London.

  • While wood seems like it would be impervious to trends, in reality using too much of any single wood, such as the all maple or dark mahogany of kitchens past, can date your kitchen.
  • “I try to balance style and functionality, as well as ‘cleanability,’” shares New York interior designer Megan Pflug.
  • That’s why when taking on a kitchen renovation, it’s important to preserve that sense of family while embracing today’s trends and styles.
  • Choose a material and design that complements your kitchen’s aesthetic and personal style.