Guide to Japanese Kitchen Design for Small Space

When you do not ensure that it stays in check, your home will gather many clutter each day. But for a kitchen area to operate smoothly, you cannot suffer through chock full kitchen cabinet or overflowing drawers. You want a clean kitchen area with space to breathe—enabling you to store everything you need without being forced to dig, reach, and unstack. In case you frequently host dinner parties, you may be a 12-place setting family. But if you have a tiny kitchen, see if you can pare down your collection into half.

  • The wood trim and round recessed cabinet hardware add texture and color to the space.
  • Due to the simple nature of the design, fewer specialized devices are required, making this alternative practical and economical.
  • In this case, our team had fun using the Cambria countertop material not only for the countertops, but also up the wall for the backsplash.
  • The floor is a great place to add bolder patterns, as they won’t overwhelm the room as they might if they were on the walls.
  • Marquis Kitchens & Baths outdid themselves with this stunning kitchen with an island with an intriguing light fixture.
  • Here, a timber veneer feels fresh and luxurious with a concrete splashback and white benchtops.

If you’re feeling brave, decorate with black to make a bold statement, as shown above in a kitchen designed by Nicole Lanteri Design. For kitchen countertops, designers say that natural stone options are a key design trend for small kitchens in 2024. But beyond the material choice, in small kitchens, it’s about continuing the same stone where a tiled kitchen backsplash would usually be to achieve a more cohesive look. Sleek and stylish, White Petit Shaker cabinets are here to add a touch of modernity to your kitchen. If you are seeking a sleek and minimalist atmosphere, these cabinets provide the perfect foundation for your modern kitchen design journey. With the marriage of natural wood’s warmth and the cool, contemporary charm of smokey grey, these cabinets not only provide exceptional storage but also serve as statement pieces in your culinary space.

Contrast Your Upper and Lower Cabinets

This London kitchen was designed by Bryan O’Sullivan for homeowner Marie Coulson. The designer went with a midcentury-modern-inspired look throughout the space, as seen in the cream-and-wood cabinetry, brass fixtures, and frosted white pendants. An open kitchen offers the opportunity to use an accent wall to define the space. Use a bold color, like yellow subway tiles arranged in a herringbone pattern, to highlight the kitchen as a central design element in the room. Galley kitchens are known for their efficiency in confined spaces and are inspired by the compact cooking areas of ships.

  • The drawer pulls, crafted from recycled leather and darkened bronze, showcase Henrybuilt’s dedication to sustainable materials while simultaneously introducing a timeless elegance with a hint of aged patina.
  • Here, the smooth all-black surfaces are classic yet fresh and the metallic hood adds an unexpected edge.
  • For example, I would usually use LEDs under the wall cupboards to light the worktop.
  • If you need to replace your kitchen floors and want to choose a finish that will stand the test of time, choose classic black-and-white checkerboard floor tiles, like this space from Erin Williamson Design.

The Professional Kitchen is a master class in design and craftsmanship, a space where culinary dreams come to life. This is not just a kitchen; it is a canvas for creation, a space where artistry and functionality collide to elevate the everyday act of cooking into an extraordinary experience. Fisher & Paykel complements Henrybuilt’s artistry with its human-centered approach to kitchen design. The brand’s Professional Style appliances, known for restaurant character, refined power, and robust materiality, echo Henrybuilt’s focus on functionality. These dining rooms showcase the potential of natural materials to create enticing and textured home interiors within a contemporary setting, effectively bridging the gap between tradition and modernity. The kitchen of this Long Island beach house features an oversized island in stainless steel and walnut.

Natural Wood and Sleek Glossy Features

This can also balance out the sleekness of modern surfaces and create a cozy atmosphere in your kitchen. A farmhouse sink, with its generous depth and bold apron, is a French country kitchen must-have. Originally designed for washing dishes without running water, the farmhouse sink still facilitates cleaning even with modern plumbing. Sara Lerner of Palta Studio installed one in the new kitchen of her 18th-century barn in Gotland, Sweden, pairing it with local stone countertops and oceanic blue cabinetry. The versatile nature of navy blue allows you to experiment with various color palettes and design elements.

  • After living at home for years in the pandemic, form and function are about to come back to equal fitting in terms of design priority.
  • Paint your kitchen a single hue from top to bottom for a bold monochromatic look.
  • Michael S. Smith imbued this Chicago kitchen with his signature elegance, employing mosaic wall tiles by Ann Sacks and York Street Studio stools clad in a Jasper leather.
  • The whole planning process has been relatively easy and Corinne has been very responsive to all our enquiries and changes and overall lovely person to deal with.

The Professional Kitchen embraces this principle with the incorporation of Onyx PaperStone for the cabinetry. This beautiful and durable composite material not only boasts exceptional performance but also contributes to a lighter environmental footprint. This deeper meaning enhances the enduring kitchen design, which is supported by a warranty for life.