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  • Recently, both the disulfide linkers and the protease-sensitive linkers were applied in an IFN-α2b-HSA fusion protein for improving the in vivo efficacy .
  • This binding is considered the primary binding, which enriches the fusion proteins onto the target cells and may lead to bivalent secondary binding of the Tf-domain to its recycling receptor .
  • We use the best properties of these alloys with the same composition after solution treatment, deformation, and aging treatment to validate our C2P model.
  • We further validate the prediction accuracy of C2P model and P2C model by comparing the predictions with the experimental data which are not in our database.
  • In conclusion, rigid linkers exhibit relatively stiff structures by adopting α-helical structures or by containing multiple Pro residues.
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High-return real estate and development opportunities in strategic locations across the Indonesian archipelago. Whether looking for your perfect home in paradise, or a cash flow investment project, PROPERTIA BALI has the team, insights, and service to ensure your success and a safe transaction. Let us know if you’re a freelance designer so we can share the most relevant content for you. The design for Tampa Bay Lifestyle Properties keeps the beachy theme consistent with a color palette of dark blue and sandy tan without losing the upscale identity it communicates through serif fonts in its headers. It even has a widget showing the current temperature in Tampa—just a little nudge to anybody way up north, all bundled up for the winter, to imagine themselves in their new Tampa home.

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While it may be more basic than some other design software recommended here, its strength is its simplicity. Once users have a little more experience, they can upgrade to RoomSketcher VIP for $49 per year or RoomSketcher Pro for $99 per year. Users can choose from a vast library of furniture and appliances, including eco-friendly options for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Its wizard-driven user interface makes the program easy to use for both beginners or seasoned pros. While Nova Development does make several home design products that are compatible with Mac computers, this particular product is only available for PC users.

  • With the rapid advancement of biotechnology, it is foreseeable that fusion protein technology will have increasing importance in creating novel protein therapeutics and in improving the performance of current protein drugs.
  • You upload their image, input your specific needs, preferences, and constraints, select a preferred style and in less than 30 seconds you can get unlimited fresh ideas.
  • The method of BP NN modeling is a statistical modeling method based on more data, and the result is a statistical law.
  • The lower IC50 value indicates higher receptor binding affinity for the fusion protein.
  • Enhance your house exterior design with unique architectural features.

While using this program, you can play with a diverse palette of exterior colors and choose whichever suits your taste the most. It gives you the freedom to test every idea you’ve been having, which isn’t only limited to colors but materials too. Although we wouldn’t call it a severe performance glitch, we’ve faced a little difficulty while uploading the picture.

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In summary, linkers can adopt various structures and exert diverse functions to fulfill the application of fusion proteins . The flexible linkers are often rich in small or hydrophilic amino acids such as Gly or Ser to provide the structural flexibility and have been applied to connect functional domains that favor interdomain interactions or movements. In cases where sufficient separation of protein domains is required, rigid linkers may be preferable.


Although it’s among the most favorite design models available, the contemporary design is becoming more popular day by day. Fusion proteins obtain many advantages over the parent proteins, such as improved PK and PD properties as in albumin- and Fc-fusion proteins, as well as the drug targeting effects as in immunotoxins. Although several fusion proteins have been applied in the clinic, the mechanisms underlying PK of bifunctional fusion proteins are still largely unexplored, and a generalized PK model for fusion protein is not established.