How to Design a Timeless Kitchen


This flooring also contrasts the bright white shaker cabinets and drawers of the wooden structure dominating the walls that are counterbalanced by a gray backsplash. The wooden cabinetry of this Craftsman-style kitchen that has two kitchen islands is at the front and center as the highlight. The three shades of classic shaker cabinets and drawers give this kitchen a certain degree of complexity that boasts of superb skills. This setup is adorned with a couple of charming lantern pendant lights hanging from the beige ceiling. The simple yet elegant wrought iron chandelier of this kitchen stands out against the white ceiling and light beige walls.


It’s these kinds of ramshackle displays that will instantly add a rustic country kitchen feel. Kitchen islands are really practical addition, but there’s no denying they can be expensive, and sometimes you even need a kitchen fitter to install one. However, buying a cute second-hand piece of furniture and positioning it correctly, can give you a very similar effect. Have a look out on eBay for a bargain buy that will add style and plenty of extra storage and surface space to your kitchen. Pick a different kitchen paint color to your current walls to make the space feel new and add some hints of the new color to the rest of the room to create a whole new feel. Patterned Roman shades, gold-toned pendant lights, a corner banquette, and two-toned cabinetry gives this kitchen from Living With Lolo a lively modern feel.

Kitchen layout ideas

The wood finish is incorporated throughout the space on the cabinets, island, and stools. Contemporary design often incorporates natural textures, like wood, and these wooden beams add both architectural interest and warmth. Try a finish that feels organic and rustic to contrast a more modern kitchen. A combination of natural materials including stone floors, wooden cabinets and woven carrizo ceilings were used within the kitchen of this home in Mexico by local studio Di Frenna Arquitectos. If you have the budget, invest in natural solid wood cabinetry that will last forever, like this space from Brophy Interiors that is warmed up with custom cabinetry and a matching kitchen island. Drench upper and lower cabinets, countertops, and backsplash in the same shade for a tonal look that feels modern.

  • Brass hardware adds warmth to the green paint and white backsplash.
  • Whether you want modern kitchen cabinets with minimalistic fronts, or kitchens that play with colors and textures.
  • Who ever said that storage is boring, or that function cancels out any fun factor?!
  • The majority of worktop features, especially for breakfast bars, use contrasting materials like wood and quartz composite, with different level thickness.

Don’t be afraid to truly personalize your kitchen and make it a space that feels cozy, lived-in, and welcoming. Add some greenery, incorporate art, and showcase cups and plates that are special to you. “Designing for small spaces is all about being functional and smart,” Lund says. “Using all cupboard and shelf space appropriately and using depth space. We use clear stacking containers and bins that are properly labeled so each item has a home and is easy to find.”

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Traditional French and contemporary American kitchen styles share little in common. Wood cabinetry with an antique glaze resembles French furniture, and the stone walls and iron details are distinctly French, too. But the kitchen’s functionality is fully American with abundant storage in the cabinetry and center island.

  • A good-looking kitchen defines a sound, one-wall medium-sized happy family.
  • Maintaining the warm appearance of the grain, liming gives wood a bright white-washed finish that complements the pale colour scheme and the minimalist aesthetic that is inherent to Scandinavian kitchens.
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  • Kitchens during the 1950s were utilitarian in nature and were designed for the average American family.
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  • Don’t forget to usher in a strong batch of natural lighting—another vital element of modern spaces.

In this modern kitchen, shields and bowls the owners bought in Africa are earthy elements in the restrained palette. Lining boards on the walls in this kitchen add to the Hamptons vibe, while the sliding-door pantry offers discreet functionality. The exact pricing depends on various factors like the city you are in, the size of your kitchen, the materials used etc. We build kitchen cabinets with superior technology – DuraBuild cabinets with AntiBubble and AquaBloc technology aka long-lasting, durable kitchen cabinets.