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“”This elegant chandelier and matching wall sconces provide different lighting options while dining. Instead, you could combine surfaces, finishes, and even periods. A 19th-century sideboard, for instance, might hold a pair of stylish lamps from the ’30s; in the living room of an urban town house, a raffia armchair could be in­cluded to deformalize taffeta drapes. Magic happens when elements with diverse qualities are brought together. Happily, many times, this allows us to use what we have — baskets, books, quilts — in a fresh manner. Decorating with texture and patterns makes a room interesting and alive.

  • Your ceilings also deserve some love, and they can be the perfect place to make a surprising statement.
  • To get the job done, Melone Cloughen recommends pairing a plush rug with a sleek console table—and throwing in a storage basket, too.
  • Bring the trend home in small decor pieces, like a brass table lamp or a set of copper candlesticks.
  • This eclectic style is perfect for making the most of your backyard space while allowing you to upcycle items for an Eco-Friendly space.
  • Rather than be intimidated by color, use it to forge rooms that make you happy every single day.

Kitchen tables tend to be pretty formulaic, but yours doesn’t have to be. By building a banquette, you can craft a dining nook that feels veritably restaurant-worthy—without breaking the bank. Drawer pulls, doorknobs, and faucets put the finishing touches on any space. If you’re looking for a less obvious way to dress up a room, consider upgrading your hardware. Mix and match pieces from different eras, or commit to a palette and fill your space with it. These pieces serve different purposes, as you don’t want to treat your rug like a towel.

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  • Experiment with both 2D and 3D views as you design from various angles.
  • If you’re a collector, don’t be shy about putting all of your favorite things on display.
  • The painted mason jar is another DIY you’ll find in my recent YouTube crafting video.
  • How about metallic finishes, suede textures, concrete look and stone effect paint?