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The kitchen is a great example of how to do cabinetry that looks simultaneously rustic and sleek. “The use of metal appliances, wood tones, and reclaimed oak for the cabinetry captured this industrial feel,” says Regan Baker, founder and principal designer atRegan Baker Design. She decided to use blue base cabinets for a soothing effect, while the backsplash tile was added to contribute more visual interest to the space. Green is a very trendy and popular color for kitchens and a great choice for a galley kitchen.

  • The tiling underfoot complements white zellige tile walls, natural wood accents, and a green marble kitchen island.
  • In neutral kitchens, it’s the small details that elevate the overall design.
  • According to Swanson, the trend of undercounter refrigeration is going everywhere as manufacturers respond with dual refrigerators and dual undercounter refrigerator drawers.
  • From choosing sustainably harvested wood to using eco-friendly laminates, there’s a concerted effort to minimize environmental impact.
  • Hannah Tyler Designs knows that a high-contrast space never goes out of style.

‘Homeliness’ means different things to all of us – some like minimalism, others a more decorative feel. Remodeling or even refreshing a kitchen is one of the most exciting projects to tackle. Yes, it might come with its stresses but it pays off to create your perfect kitchen since it is the room we all tend to spend the most time. In recent years, it’s become even more multifunctional, it’s the room we cook in, but also potentially the room we work from and socialize from. Kitchen designers in the 2010s also need to take into account the climate.

Consider a Built In Microwave

Try a framed, gallery-worthy piece like this one, which has a gold frame that echoes the warmth in the cabinetry and backsplash. Although we love a stunning island right in the middle of a kitchen, opening it up to your living space makes for a better flow and a larger-looking space. If you’re big on cooking, a tiny cutting board may not be suitable for your chopping needs. This built-in gives you plenty of space to work with and makes your kitchen look professional.


Blonde woods and gold accents will introduce warmth to the space and unify the look. Pay close attention to all the finishes you select, from the floors to the ceiling. It’s vital in any kitchen, especially if you don’t have a ton of windows.

How big should the island be in your kitchen?

Gil Schafer and the late Suzanne Rheinstein channeled the blue of the nearby sea in the paneled cabinets of the casual kitchen of this Newport Beach home. When space is tight, or if you’d like to repurpose your laundry room, bringing your washer and dryer into the kitchen can be a smart option. Our 60 cm condenser dryers fit into cabinets and require no venting. This multifunctional space is often doubled up as a play area, where homework is done while meals are cooked or a spot where families work from remotely. Kitchen storage solutions, no matter the size of your kitchen, are what it is all about. The ability to try out various layouts to find out what truly works reduces the pressure to get your kitchen right first time.

  • They make great storage and can be cleaned easily.” The designer also loves hanging art above open shelves as well as tucking in a small lamp.
  • One great thing about NYC apartments and homes is that they often have high ceilings.
  • Consider an open plan kitchen-dining/living space, removing walls to integrate cooking and living areas seamlessly.
  • In the project pictured, Berlin architecture studio Baumhauer chose to juxtapose a Swiss farmhouse’s vaulted ceiling with the clean, modern lines of a steel L-shaped kitchen with built-in appliances.
  • Art director and designer Janine Genower loves her colorful kitchen.