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Hardwood flooring is still very popular when it comes to kitchen flooring. But the second most popular option, ceramic flooring, is about to get more attention. Thanks to technology, ceramic flooring now comes in a wide variety of designs and styles and sizes. In doing so, you create the illusion that your small space has higher ceilings than it does. Focusing on the grain of the wood and the same color draws the eye up and creates a calming space that helps make the kitchen area feel more open and relaxed than one with artificial fixtures.

  • Kathy Kuo is a celebrated interior designer and international guru within the home and lifestyle space.
  • Cover your countertop with ceramic tiles for a budget-friendly makeover.
  • You can also create a custom range hood cover and backsplash to add visual interest.
  • Here, Cedar & Oak adds subtle color by painting the underside of the island a soft sage green.

These days, everything can be built in, from ovens to refrigerators to dishwashers and so much more. It delivers a clean and contemporary look to your kitchen space and makes it appear more seamless. Traditional kitchens are typically known for including freestanding appliances in the layout. Instead, a fitted kitchen features integrated appliances instead of obsolete freestanding ones.

Antique Kitchen Accents

It’s these kinds of eclectic displays that will instantly add a rustic kitchen feel. Again, look out for decor in charity shops – our go-to place for weird but wonderful things to decorate your open shelves with. They work particularly well in this light and bright kitchen extension – bringing color and texture into what would otherwise be quite a traditional kitchen. Since a splashback is usually such a small area you could be bold with your choice of tiles too.