Kitchen Kitchen Design Ideas & Inspiration


If you want to fully embrace this design feature, take it all the way up to the ceiling to create a statement wall. Don’t immediately dismiss a wall of windows as a location option for your oven and range hood. Installing an exposed range hood in front of a series of windows will create a beautiful floating illusion. It’s often the smallest details that make a kitchen look high-end and custom rather than basic and builder-grade.


Gone are the days of meticulously matching all of the hardware in a room. House 9 Interiors mixes shiny gold pulls with dark brass hardware and silver candlesticks for a kitchen that feels equal parts lived-in and sophisticated. In small kitchens, storage is key but getting it right can be a bit of a challenge. Karen Emile of Milk and Honey Life uses a rod and S-hook system to hang her most-used utensils from measuring cups to a potholder.

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Choosing the right layout is essential in order to get a small kitchen design to work. Not only will it dictate how you interact in the space, but also how many people can be cooking at the same time. The objective of Japanese kitchen design is to achieve focused yet stress-free living, creating spaces shaped for simplicity, efficiency, and precision. ‘Minimalism is the very foundation of Japanese style,’ says Keely Smith, lead interior designer atJD Elite Interiors.’ This teaches us that every item should have a purpose and clutter should be minimized.”

  • You can converse, eat a meal, or even use it as a WFH set-up when needed.
  • Accentuate the long cabinet lines in your L-shaped kitchen design by incorporating LED lights.
  • Despite being able to see almost every appliance and dishware, color-coordinating bright pots, pans, and bowls keep glass-front cabinets and floating shelves tidy.
  • It’s possible to design an entire kitchen in a single color and still have a space that boasts dimension and visual interest.
  • Downdraft extractors and units that recirculate are great so as not to ruin the kitchen sightlines.

Our showroom is conveniently located close to all main access routes to Galway city – 1 hour from Limerick, 2 hours from Dublin and 45 minutes from Athlone. When you are here, check out the vast array of home interiors, window, bathroom and tile showrooms in the Briar Hill Retail Park. It is a beautiful and practical building and already Brian Morris firmly believes a little extra thought during the design process can drastically improve the functionality of a public building. Elsewhere, beauty of choice allows for appliance selections that work within Henrybuilt’s design, ensuring both performance and aesthetics remain uncompromised. This collaborative spirit elevates The Professional Kitchen, creating a space where function and beauty inspire culinary exploration.

Install LED Lighting

The marble backsplash seamlessly transitions into the countertop while the herringbone accent tile adds interesting character. An open-concept kitchen plus all the right materials is the perfect recipe for an inviting, warm space. This room features red-leaf maple cabinets balanced by white accents to create a natural, airy gathering space for whipping up a new recipe and entertaining. If you’re running low on space in a small kitchen, find another home for bulky pots and pans to clear up some room in your cabinets and drawers. Easily mount a pot rack to the wall or ceiling and hang your pots and pans for an easy kitchen storage solution. Maximize a small space by utilizing an open concept to its fullest.

The stove is anchored on one short wall, and the fridge is hidden behind natural wood doors in a floor-to-ceiling cabinet on the opposite wall. Think of light fixtures and cabinet hardware as the jewelry for your kitchen. These functional yet decorative accents are the final layer that can completely transform the room.