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Kordula, with her European know how, did a great initial design and any changes decided upon. She gave expert advice at Homebase Subiaco and assisted me with appliances from Hart and Co and tile selection. I used all of their recommended tradespeople including Allfix renovations, plumbers, electricians and tilers and was impressed by their quality work, on time and butdget. There were no problems in this age of tradie and equipment shortages. I would definitely recommend them to others for a kitchen renovation.

  • There is also a couple of charming glass pendant lights over the wood-top island matching the hardwood flooring.
  • Everything must have a role and be functional as well as beautiful.
  • Kitchens during the 1950s were also very small in size and were not meant for large families.
  • He paired the kitchen’s cerused-oak cabinetry with slate-hued soapstone countertops and a backsplash of earthy brown tiles for a modern, masculine look.
  • With an open concept design, you can go with a single line with an island or L-shaped with an island.
  • From the start of the project to final install we found Surreal Design at all times professional and had exacting standards.

Large kitchen typically work for free cooking, and uninterrupted interaction with family. It is fairly simple and very modern in terms of looks as there are no rims and extra stainless steel is not visible. To make the existing space look bigger, and vibrant, focus on allowing space for more natural light to enter. Wide, luxurious kitchen space for the entire family to cook and dine together.

England Inspired Luxury Kitchen

Hence vertical kitchen elements were placed primarily on existing interior walls. The cabinetry used was Bilotta’s private label, the Bilotta Collection – they selected beautiful, dramatic, yet subdued finishes for the meticulously handcrafted cabinetry. The double islands allow for the busy family to have a space for everything – the island closer to the range has seating and makes a perfect space for doing homework or crafts, or having breakfast or snacks.