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You can find Wayfair products nestled into practically every roundup in our home decor section. Keep in mind that certain products from Wayfair may take longer to ship, especially items from its custom upholstery line, or larger items like mattresses and closet systems. In addition to home decor, Wayfair is a great place to shop for major appliance brands like Whirlpool, Café, and LG. A velvet armchair plays off the hue, while a shaggy rug and red ottoman bring in hefty doses of personality. Note that hues don’t necessarily need to “go together” according to color theory in bohemian design—clashes or mix and matching are often welcome as they allow for eclectic playfulness. Often, this includes woven decor, vintage furnishings, and vibrant houseplants.

Whether you choose to embrace the traditional styles or experiment with the contemporary, Mexican home decor allows for endless creativity and personal expression. From the rich history and influences to the bold colors, textiles, tiles, natural elements, art, and furniture, each element plays a crucial role in bringing the essence of Mexico into your home. Displaying Mexican art and artifacts on walls, shelves, and tables can instantly transform your space into a gallery of cultural treasures.

Decorate an outdoor space like one indoors

That doesn’t just mean an autumnal gourd here and a pumpkin there—though those items are more than welcome. Fall decor come in all forms, from lush textures to natural touches, like a bouquet of dried flowers. “Make decorative pumpkins and gourds last longer by decorating them with reusable, push-in facial features and costumes,” she says. “Not only do they result in adorable and playful fall decor, but they also allow the produce to stay fresher longer so it can then be used for cooking before the organic remnants become compost.” “Warmer tones are aesthetically pleasing and add a cozier, comforting feel to homes, especially during the fall,” Shay says.

  • The rich shade makes a strong statement and perfectly shows off two gold-framed artworks.
  • You don’t have to hang art on the walls to create an impression.
  • Palm tree wallpaper will create a vacation feel in any bedroom.
  • A focal point is the highlight of the composition; it is the element that draws and holds the most attention.

Over the years, we’ve observed many home styling trends and have stayed updated on popular styles. Our team sets up your home for beautiful photographs and impressive showings. We frequently update our inventory with new pieces to incorporate the latest trends into each home. Sometimes just a new shade — trimmed with beads or fashioned of a playful animal print — will catapult a lamp into the future. Instead of trying to find a ready-made shade that matches a particular wallpaper or fabric, it will be easier if you custom-order one or allow the shade to provide an accent color.