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This villa, located in Denpasar near Sunset Road, Kuta, presents a modern living space with a focus on natural light and air flow. With a land size of 92.0 sqm and a building size of 85.5 sqm, this FREEHOLD property features two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living area, dining area, kitchen, powder room, garden, and backyard. The design concept of this villa emphasizes seamless integration with the outdoors, creating a space that feels open, airy, and inviting. The open-plan layout enhances the sense of space, while the use of clean and functional materials adds a touch of modern elegance. With an access road of 4 meters, PLN 6600 VA electricity connection, and deep well water supply, this villa offers a comfortable and convenient living experience in a sought-after location.

  • It requires the best design implementations and perfect balance toward…
  • Wormann’s popularity likely hasn’t been impeded by his modeling qualifications and comedic chops, but the fact that people flock to videos of — and purchase — old homes must be symptomatic of something.
  • In this respect, wood and metal are prominent in such interiors.

And they are absent in our initial database shown in Fig. The UTS and EC of the three alloys in Table 4 are very close to the targeted properties we set for MLDS, demonstrating the reliability of MLDS and the rationality of the design results. In order to validate the predictive performance of C2P model, we chose alloys that are not presented in our database.

Leasehold 4 bedrooms villa tunggak bingin, Sanur.

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  • A mood board will help you save time and stay focused on your chosen style.
  • Don’t be afraid to bring grandeur even to the most modest room in the house,’ says Sophie Stevens, Creative Director at SGS Design.
  • Don’t waste time on complex CAD programs- now you can easily take on the role of an architect and do it on a budget.
  • Abstract shapes, patterns, textures, and colours add visual intrigue when used strategically as graphic elements.
  • And whether you are an established HMO landlord or just starting your HMO properties journey, you need to develop a strategy to attract the type of tenant you want, reduce voids and ensure a steady cash flow.

When you work on creating a home for yourself, free home design software helps direct your vision. When she’s not busy writing, she can be found attending local concerts, exploring cafes, trying her hand at baking, or binge watching series. Design and manage your home design with the help of free building design software.


He is very respectful of our preferences but will not hesitate to share his thoughts as well. He is also friendly and helpful, and goes the extra mile for us. We engaged Jacob and Zenith for renovation of a resale 3bd condo. The main scope is to open up / renovate the kitchen and renovate the bathroom. Jacob is super experienced and gave many practical advises which helps balancing durability and aesthetic.

  • A large mirror on one wall also helps the light to reflect and bounce off in the room to create a more spacious and bright look.
  • Save realistic renders of your project, download or print to scale and share them with others.
  • When the lifestyle an area offers is just as important as the actual real estate there, an effective website shows it off.