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Abstract trident, with more than meets the eye Logo design done for general contracting and home building company, one of several branches under one umbrella where water/sea theme dictates the branding. Makara is mythological creature with not so appealing look, so I went for more abstract and out of the box approach for this design. Featuring a trident in main role, design smartly combines it with residential/building concept in one minimalistic and flat icon. Maybe a stretch but trident facing down carries a bit of inital letter M, which client loved. Design is done in precise, almost geometric style, but we ended up with additional version where bottom part mimics water reflection. Financial advisors Web page design for a company that provides financial consulting and invests in residential real estate.

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Integrating a luxury real estate website with multiple listing service databases and other data sources allows agents to access a comprehensive inventory of properties and keep listings up to date. Real-time synchronization ensures that users have access to the latest property listings and market data, enhancing the credibility and reliability of the website. When you build your website for your real estate business, you can easily reveal your personality and creativity. So, glimpse these stunning websites and expand your business soon. RJ Investments is a cool real estate website design to explore. It brings luxury living to the rental market through bespoke renovations and affordable property management.

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The signs can be printed either single- or double-sided, plus you can have separate messages or designs printed on each side. Simply select the double-sided option in our design tool to enable this. Floor plans can also save you time by eliminating unwanted inquiries. A floor plan empowers the potential customer to evaluate if the property is suitable for their needs, before they make an inquiry.

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  • Alan has a passion for real estate and has been helping buyers and sellers achieve their goals for several years.

With excellent design and good functionality, you will not just build a good reputation but will have more opportunities to taste. Di Jones has an experienced and trusted team of real estate agents and property managers who offer sellers and investors outstanding results and service. It has the potential to grow its business on top of other brands. It welcomes the users to discover the best properties via the search function on the hero scene.

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Design Legends interviews are included in your Electronic Press Kits that are distributed to real estate design media, and are also available to you for your own communication. Electronic multi-media press release preparation and distribution services are provided to all A’ Real Estate Design Award winners automatically and without any payments. A’ Design Award Jury although changes every year features a balanced composition of real estate design professionals, journalists, scholars and entrepreneurs to ensure each real estate design is voted fairly. World Design Consortium have uniquely specialized members in each and every industry, especially real estate design, thanks to its world-class members representing the very brightest in all fields.

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  • As a first-time buyer, this was completely new territory for me and my wife, and we had no idea what was ahead.
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  • She was very helpful during the transaction and really appreciated how she discussed and truly explained everything to us.