Scandinavian kitchens: 20 ideas function and character


By exploring various Japanese designs and applying Japanese organization techniques to the kitchen, we can discover unique ways to create a streamlined and highly functional space, simplifying the cooking process. This kitchen is stunning in its attention to detail and is fit for the most demanding chef. The open island serves as both a casual dining area and an extra work surface.

To maximize storage in a kitchen, every nook and cranny should be utilized. In this kitchen design by LAVA Interiors, the space above the pantry and refrigerator houses small cabinets to store items that aren’t used every day. The cabinet hardware on the small cabinets complements the 19th-century exposed brick backsplash. Normally, upper cabinets have wasted space at the top, but these scalloped ones minimize wasted space while adding a stunning design feature that’s one-of-a-kind.

Colorful Kitchen Islands

While it may seem like a lot of work to put together different materials and textures, this can in fact be a really efficient design solution for your L-shaped kitchen. Be sure to pick materials that are compatible with one another and durable. One of the great things about a modular kitchen design in the L-shape is the amount of vertical storage space that it offers. This can be a huge advantage, especially in smaller homes where every square inch counts. If you have plenty of kitchen gadgets and appliances, you can easily find a place for them all in an L-shaped modular kitchen.