Summer Decorating Ideas For Every Room Of Your House


A modern chandelier stands out against the rustic plank ceiling. While modern design often relies on a neutral color palette, this room blends the streamlined shapes and rich textures of the aesthetic with bold avocado, burnt orange, and gold textiles. The geometric rug anchors the distinctive elements into a cohesive whole.


Most rooms are instantly improved with additional or upgraded lighting. This can be as simple as adding 100 watt bulbs to some rooms or areas or highlighting corners to make rooms feel instantly bigger. Vary your lighting heights to even out your lighting sources and use a combination of ambient, task and accent lighting. In this case, a substantial wood table is balanced by delicate metal chairs, adding character to the space. There’s no better way to make your outdoor space feel like an indoor room than by incorporating a television. Ideal for watching the big game or family movies, some electronic manufacturers design televisions to weather the elements and maintain a clear picture, even in the bright sun.

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From artwork to murals, there are various traditional Indian art forms that can be incorporated to create a visually stunning and culturally immersive space. When adorning your space with traditional Indian crafts, consider mixing different elements together harmoniously. Opt for neutral colored walls as a backdrop to highlight the craftsmanship of these ornamental touches. Additionally, using accent lighting such as spotlights or highlighting specific areas can help draw attention to these decorative pieces. For this patio decorating idea, choose sculptural pieces in natural colors and finishes that feel connected to the outdoors. Trick out tables with home accents like vases and sculptures to showcase your personal style, or place a decorative tray on your vanity for a chic catch-all spot to toss everyday items after work.

  • A shelf designed to live outdoors can function as a potting station or storage one day, and the ideal cocktail destination while entertaining guests.
  • Blogger Liz Marie decorated the wall above her fireplace with a vintage sign that complements the neutral-toned farmhouse living room.
  • Rather than keeping favorite woven baskets and trays behind closed doors, consider adhering them to the walls with hooks to add some personality to your space.
  • It also offers a range of services such as interior design, custom furniture and styling, to help you create your own unique and beautiful home.
  • If you have young children or pets, consider high-performance fabrics.