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The design includes private living spaces that cater to both adults and children, plus communal spaces where families can spend time together and support each other. This is an almost completed leasehold property in a prime and strategic location on the west side of Sanur.The area is quiet and peaceful, and it’s just a short walk from various restaurants, shops, and cafes. Moreover, it’s only a 7-minute drive from the stunning beach.The property is built to meet Western standards and features a modern Mediterranean style with a Balinese infusion, making it a perfect… We’re a fully licensed property agency based in Sanur, offering villa sales, long term and monthly rentals, property management and consultancy services. We’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing people, businesses, founders and employees.

That said, ISCAPE is primarily meant for DIY-ers, and entry-level artists keen on experimenting with design tools. The ISCAPE app is another digital tool that caters to your passion for designing bold and elaborate landscapes. It’s pretty straightforward in terms of operation, and unlike paid software options, there’s no steep learning curve. So, if you want a reliable app to improve upon your ideas, get started with this one stat. You can customize everything from the surface material to landscape accessories like planters, trees, outdoor decor, lighting, etc. The process is simple enough; all you gotta do is drag and drop the individual elements.

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Minor-alloyed Cu-Ni-Si alloys with high hardness and electric conductivity designed by a cluster formula approach. In principle, the BP NN is able to approximate any function and map highly non-linear relationships. The method of BP NN modeling is a statistical modeling method based on more data, and the result is a statistical law. This method does not require that all sample data are generated under strictly comparable conditions, and the results obtained can not be called exact solutions in the strict sense. But when there is enough data, the accuracy of the results can be high enough, which is why big data’s method can solve many problems that are difficult to solve by strict mathematical methods. The BP NN model includes an input layer, hidden layers, and an output layer.48,49 The BP NN module of MATLAB was used to build two kinds of BP NN models of C2P and P2C.

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