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Mixing vintage pieces with modern ones creates a mix ‘n’ match feel that’s all your own. For a statement piece of modern fall decor, look no further than your backyard. Trim a small branch covered in bright and boldly-colored leaves for an instant bouquet.

  • If the adjacent room is scheduled for a fix-up at a later date, consider it in your initial plans when picking paint or fabric.
  • Granted, the entirety of Apparatus CEO Gabriel Handifar’s Manhattan apartment is luxurious.
  • The midcentury modern living room in Ashley Maddox’s Waco, Texas, home is one to emulate if you’re trying to lean into the aesthetic.
  • And small alterations zoom a lackluster bath or kitchen into the limelight, too.
  • Many times we overlook architectural or design elements that define the space, but take a good look at what you’re working with—and use it.

Instead, you could combine surfaces, finishes, and even periods. A 19th-century sideboard, for instance, might hold a pair of stylish lamps from the ’30s; in the living room of an urban town house, a raffia armchair could be in­cluded to deformalize taffeta drapes. Magic happens when elements with diverse qualities are brought together. Happily, many times, this allows us to use what we have — baskets, books, quilts — in a fresh manner. “”White walls and white linens on dark furniture keep the room calm, cool, and clean looking. You’ll feel more confident if you understand how colors interact with each other.

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However, at the same time, they are vibrant enough to demand attention if you’re experimenting with a more maximalist aesthetic. Instagram @jenggala_officialPioneering Bali’s homeware landscape since decades ago, Jenggala Keramik is celebrated for its innovative glass and ceramic tableware collection. From teapots to bowls, their pieces evolve with inventive shapes and colors, offering functional elegance.

  • Here, their Copper River theme is a grown-up take on navy and rust orange.
  • I was looking for some decor ideas without breaking bank and then I found your website which is full of amazing ideas.
  • Adding just one new element can invigorate a room without blowing your decor budget.
  • Opt for neutral colored walls as a backdrop to highlight the craftsmanship of these ornamental touches.
  • Curtains, drapes, and window shades can come in handy for privacy, light, and temperature controls.
  • Get inspirational ideas wrapped in warm service only at IKEA Bali, where beauty merges with functionality.

In Indian culture, textiles are deeply rooted in tradition and carry historical and cultural significance. The art of weaving and textile production has been passed down through generations, with each region having its own distinct techniques and styles. Incorporating textiles into home decor is seen as a way to pay homage to this rich heritage. Earthy tones like browns, greens, and terracotta bring about a sense of grounding and connection with nature. A warm palette consisting of reds, oranges, and yellows creates a cozy and welcoming ambiance.

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In this living room designed by Whittney Parkinson Design, various shades of cream and taupe are blended for a calming and inviting look. Designer Molly Kidd of Light & Dwell chose matching built-ins to flank the fireplace, adding two leather ottomans in front, and matching gray chairs on either side. “I love that there’s no mantel on this one,” Sarah from Arbor & Co. explains. “It just doesn’t need one here. Another aspect I love is the large ceiling pendant that draws your eyes up.” Remember that a living room should feel like people actually live there, even if you’re going for a more formal look. Home decor quotes serve as simple yet profound reminders of the importance of surrounding ourselves with environments that evoke positive emotions and a sense of belonging.

  • Their rough exterior contrasts the clean lines of flowers or branches, merging structurally simple design with organic lines and textures.
  • “I love to go all out—especially at a beach house—and lean into the seashells, swimsuit artwork, wallpaper that brings to mind waves, and so on,” says Courtnay Tartt Elias of Creative Tonic Design.
  • A handful of potted plants scattered throughout the room bring seasonal greenery indoors, while a woven rug and rattan light fixture add natural texture to the space.
  • Not limited to bear or cowhide, these rugs come in an array of skins from deer to zebra.