20 Elegant Minimalist Kitchen Ideas You’ll Love to Embrace


Appliances are a focal point in this kitchen designed by Steven Gambrel, outfitted with a custom hood, sink fittings by Waterworks, and kitchen counters in Calacatta Gold marble. The cabinetry is painted in Benjamin Moore’s Stonington Gray and the walls are sheathed in Walker Zanger tiles. Trendy colors are great, but neutral, earth tones stand the test of time. This kitchen incorporates natural woods, olive green, white, black and stone to create a zen feel and a timeless design.


All the more reason to choose a timeless design that will outlast fads and keep working for you for years to come. Whether you are remodeling or building a kitchen from scratch, here is everything you need to consider to design a kitchen that will stand the test of time. Tall units, S-shaped pull out units, pull-out drawers, and other smart features are always integrated with the purpose of making the most out of your space, no matter how small it is. Assistant Editor Amy began working for Homebuilding & Renovating in 2018.

Gourmet kitchen designs

You can use neutral tones in any style space to create a more timeless feel. Stick with neutrals such white, taupe, gray, black, or black and white. Use bright or otherwise non-neutral colors as accents via wall paint, textiles, or accessories. This space is the ideal fusion of laid-back beach style and sleek contemporary design. The wooden chandelier and the white stools perfectly depict the breezy atmosphere of a coastal home.

  • Dark, classic chairs and a playful metal pendant lamp bring it all together.
  • For example, a tilt-down drawer just below the sink allows you to tuck away sponges and brushes.
  • Cocktail accoutrement can take up quite a bit of valuable real estate in an already tight kitchen.
  • A blend of Shaker and farmhouse accents, this kitchen brims with cheery country kitchen ideas, including a big farmhouse sink and furniture-style cabinetry.

A botanical inspired print offers a way to instantly imbue your kitchen with that quintessential Scandi design. Wallpaper is a great way to achieve this,’ says Sissa Sundling, head of design at Boråstapeter. ‘A brushed limed grain finish is a fabulous addition to combine with gentle colour tones to embrace the Scandi look. Just a touch is sufficient, such as using this finish for accent cabinets to contrast with paler tones for the other areas,’ says Jayne Everett, co-founder and creative director of Naked Kitchens. Streamline your kitchen or create a brand new one that perfectly caters to your culinary needs with these kitchen organisation ideas. Our Signature expert, Jeffrey, shares his ideas from his experience.

Black and white kitchen ideas.

‘The lines are still clean and simple and there will be very little “fluff”,’ says Sofia. Wood kitchen cabinet ideas provide the perfect complement to Scandinavian kitchens. Maintaining the warm appearance of the grain, liming gives wood a bright white-washed finish that complements the pale colour scheme and the minimalist aesthetic that is inherent to Scandinavian kitchens. The process of liming has the added benefit of protecting the wood, making it a practical as well as aesthetic choice – an ethos that is intrinsic to Scandinavian design. Natural materials, clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic are all defining features of a Scandi-scheme.

  • For example, introducing tiles on some walls and paint on others can create a more visually interesting scheme.
  • An exhaust fan can quickly eat into the upper space of a small kitchen.
  • The marble backsplash seamlessly transitions into the countertop while the herringbone accent tile adds interesting character.
  • Taking the tile from the counter to the ceiling makes it the focal point in the room.