25 Fonts for Real Estate That’ll Impress Potential Buyers


Growing up in Lake Stevens and observing my father navigate his way through purchasing multiple properties, I knew I was on the fast track to being in real estate. I bought my first Triplex at 20 years old and my second at 23 years old. In 2021, I found Design Realty and merged my years of experience with a company who’s values align with my own. My goal is to be your support and provide the guidance through your home buying or selling process. I value reliability, knowledge, responsibility and hold myself to a high standard with my negotiation skills. I cherish spending quality time with my spouse, Family, and local WA friend groups.

  • “While the benefits of healthy spaces have long been qualitatively understood and appreciated, it has not been financially analyzed to impact economic decision-making.
  • Many owners who secured a 3% 30-year fixed a couple of years ago sat tight in the midst of these high rates, as did prospective buyers.
  • Kevin believes that a strong knowledge base of both product and process is necessary for a broker to provide quality service to their clients.
  • Then, we gradually built new features and improved what our client already had developed.

These elements will all have a direct impact on how well a website converts. In addition, you have to consider how well your CTAs are designed and how easy it is for a potential client to reach you. On other popular real estate agency websites, you might have seen this layout before, but it’s never been done as tastefully as Sandro’s.

How to make a real estate ad

As your agent, I will leverage this hard-won experience to ensure your real estate journey is as smooth and successful as possible. Whether you’re buying, selling, or investing, you can trust in my expertise to guide you through the process with confidence. My parents taught me the value of always putting other people first, and showed me how enriching life can be when you treat everyone like your neighbor.


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This Is Neat Cleaning

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