Bathroom Layout 101: A Guide to Planning Your Dream Bathroom


To make the shape of your future bathroom while planning a new space, you should use a drag tool to draw the floor plan and establish walls. You can always change room size or room shape making the space smaller or bigger by dragging lines to the position you need. Daylight can be the most wonderful magnifier of space and, as such, is particularly important in small bathrooms.

  • A combination of tile styles can create a dynamic room design when used boldly.
  • If this seems familiar, perhaps it is time to change your bathroom right into a minimalist oasis.
  • Decorative wallpaper also works well, along with a strategically placed comfy chair and dressing table.
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If you’d like the toilet out of sight, screen or enclose it with a full- or half-height partition out of the line of sight of the entryway. It’s the mass of the partition, not the toilet, that then determines its placement in the room. Aside from painting it your favorite shade of blue, you should know how configure the bathroom space as well. Jump into the world of bathroom remodeling, and get tips on how to personalize your bathroom design. Medicine cabinets are an obvious choice to help create a minimalist bathroom.

Large mirrors

Swap out your bath mat for a full-size rug like the vintage one shown here in this Hollywood Hills home. From flooring to faucets, ELLE Decor shares the latest and greatest for the coming year. If you do order from us you can rest assured you will receive our best service. This can help put users’ minds at ease by increasing opportunities for modesty. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 50,190 times. Shelves above the sink are a good option for extra storage as well.

  • For example, instead of hanging the formal chandelier in the dining room, Pounds urged her mother to hang it over her bathtub for lavish appeal.
  • Using glass wherever possible can bring an enormous change to the look of your bathroom.
  • Suspended toilets make a bathroom feel contemporary and updated and are easier to clean.
  • A marble sink is an elegant, high-end option that can make a bathroom stand out.