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All of these factors have led to a trend in kitchen design in the 2010s, and that trend is toward sleek, modern kitchens that are functional and easy to use. Contemporary kitchen cabinets are often neutral colors, with white being perennially popular. However, colors like sage green, gray, and wood tone are also great choices for a contemporary kitchen. Classic kitchens are typically full of detail, cabinets with beading or other decorative molding on the frame, and warm, inviting tile or wood backsplashes and accents. Contemporary kitchens are typically much sleeker, with an emphasis on simple, clean lines.

  • Each style is distinct but fully capable of incorporating the most sought-after design trends today, such as sustainability, comfort, personalization…
  • As an alternative to a double island, consider filling your kitchen with an extra-long island.
  • An island that pairs wood and stone adds a natural element to the open kitchen.
  • A freestanding hutch can provide valuable storage and a place to display your favorite linens, kitchen gadgets, or collectibles.

Combine the darker wood with bright yellows and oranges to lift the space and give it even more or that retro feel. Bare wooden cabinets look lovely combined with painted ones, and different colors work well too. If you do go for the two-tone look, just take some inspiration from this kitchen idea and keep the rest of the room quite simple and minimal – let the cabinets be the focus.

Stone Slab Backsplash

This has the same shaker cabinets and drawers as the surrounding cabinetry lining the walls housing the stainless steel appliances. The extensive dark wood of this kitchen extends from the hardwood flooring to the wooden shaker cabinets of the beige walls and the large wooden structure housing the stainless steel fridge. It can also be seen on the large kitchen island paired with wrought iron stools to match the black countertop. The bright white elements of this gorgeous kitchen are contrasted by the dark wood cabinetry of the L-shaped kitchen peninsula and kitchen island.

  • This Pinnacle @ Duxton 4-room HDB BTO has a weathered wood-look laminate was chosen for the cabinetry here, to lend the open-concept kitchen a rustic and industrial touch.
  • Within a white or neutral kitchen, this backsplash would definitely be the statement piece.
  • If your budget allows it, create a DIY coffee or bar space to entertain your guests and upgrade the room experience.

In which case it is best to place the dining area or workspace facing outwards. If you’re an early bird and like to watch the sun rise, design a breakfast bar in tandem with kitchen window ideas. You will need to have a firm plan of the configuration at the very least before the first fix, so lighting and flooring can be installed accordingly.