35 Front Porch Decorating Ideas to Freshen Up Your Outdoor Space


Natural white oak cabinets and shelving complement a hand-carved wooden light fixture from Thomas Newman. A cozy sunroom is ideal for early spring, when it’s not quite warm enough to spend the day outdoors but you still want to admire all the spring blooms. Here, an assortment of pastel throw pillows creates an inviting seat on an indoor porch swing. An antique bird poster framed by olive green curtains serves as a reminder that spring is on the way. Your furniture and decor create the tone of a room, and it’s important for them to blend well together without clashing or being too contrasting. Play with your favorite design themes and choose pieces from each that support each other.

  • Use natural elements like plants, water features, or stones to balance the energy in different areas.
  • Interior designer Tracey Hatch harnessed the power of rustic timber in the master bedroom of this former stable block conversion.
  • Wood-carved scenes of nature, such as bears in the forest or soaring mountains, are top picks for a reason.
  • A carefully chosen chandelier, dripping with character, can take your room’s quirkiness up a notch.
  • I recently found a large, beautiful old painting in a gold frame for $30!

Peachy curtains, blush sheets, and an assortment of pink throw pillows tie the space together. Home decor is the process of using your creative vision to transform your living space into your personal style. By incorporating color schemes and design styles, home decor allows you to let your personality shine through every element of your space, from the color of your walls to the texture of your rugs.

Coastal Colors

Texas-inspired designs encompass vintage, country, rustic, western, and ranch while still giving you a modern overall aesthetic. Cozy Modern Texas DecorNeutral palettes with chalky whites, grays, blues, and browns in monochromatic tones set the foundation for your perfect Texas-style inspired home. Create a cozy modern Texas home décor style for layering with natural textures, rustic elements, and industrial touches such as patinated metals, reclaimed items, vintage décor, and more.

Sarah prefers pared-back spaces and is a fan of natural materials and hand-made craftspersonship. Instagram @kevalaceramicsFor ceramic connoisseurs, Kevala Home by Kevala Ceramics stands out as Bali’s premier producer, catering to 5-star resorts and fine restaurants. The collection includes tableware, stoneware, spa and bathroom items, as well as exquisite decor pieces like mini vases and candle holders. With natural motifs and hues, Kevala Ceramics offers signature designs alongside collaborative works with guest artists, providing a diverse range of ceramic treasures for your home. Instagram @i-rewoodIf you have a penchant for natural wood homeware and sustainable sourcing, I-Rewood is your destination.