45 Rustic Decorating Ideas to Add Charm and Character


Katie Hodges of Katie Hodges Design mixed shapes and visual weight to give interest to a neutral living room. A soft, rounded chair mixed with a spiral-leg coffee table, and an airy woven chair give an eclectic but chic vibe to the space. Katie Martinez of Katie Martinez Design studied her color theory, mixing yellow with its fellow primary color, blue.

  • When carving out a living area, especially in an open-concept layout, use rugs to define the space from the rest of the home.
  • ‘The numerous marks and ‘wear’ on the sink are exactly what I wanted to enhance the authentic nature of this space.
  • Hill country-style homes feature limestone, sandstone, and cedar.
  • Find out how I transformed this old closet into reading nook with a build-in benchhere.
  • Brocade fabrics are known for their intricate patterns created using gold or silver threads, adding a regal touch to any piece.

The designs found on Indian rugs are diverse, ranging from floral motifs to geometric patterns. For example, the lotus flower signifies purity and enlightenment, while peacock feathers represent beauty and royalty. These symbolic elements add depth to the overall aesthetic of traditional Indian home decor. Indian textiles have long been revered for their intricate craftsmanship, opulent patterns, and luxurious feel. They serve as an integral part of traditional Indian home decor by adding texture, warmth, and elegance to any space.

Blue Leaves

Place a day bed inside or out, according to your preference and the material. Add one to a cabana or thatched hut for your own little slice of heaven at home. Decorative outdoor screening is a fantastic way to instantly make your outdoor area noteworthy.

  • This is a great idea if the kids want to get involved with decorating a tree .
  • Add in pampas grass or dried flower stems in amongst the greenery to add a ton of interest and texture – plus this is a great hack for filling any gaps your tree might have.
  • Textured seating placed back-to-back allows for unobstructed views from this living room, while wall-mounted, lighted artwork and a vintage poster are bold, graphic additions.
  • If that’s the case, concentrate on finding the most complementary sites for your other furnishings.
  • The ceiling in our kitchen is a tint of our wall color and it is so calming.

Rustic Modern Industrial Farmhouse A more modern industrial look paired with the already existing rustic farmhouse elements can be seen in both rural and urban Texas homes. Some of the architectural features would be large expansive porches, simple rooflines, distinct industrial influence exteriors, and smart home features. Many are masterpieces of function and sustainability, that conserve resources and optimize energy as well as reduce water use. The modern Industrial farmhouse’s utilitarian influences are designed to be useful and practical while being unpretentious and minimalistic.

Install a Wood Accent Wall

The Honey Fitz will now serve for use on limited charters and fundraising events, an ever-present reminder of the enduring legacy—and style—of both John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. This 1963 photo showcases JFK relaxing on the Honey Fitz off of West Palm Beach, near where the vessel resides today. As an art school graduate, McMillin has always had an affinity for film photography. The home decoration hack was revealed in a video shared by Meg McMillin, a 36-year-old stay-at-home mom of two and one on the way.

  • However, remember to properly coat and seal them to ensure longevity and safeguard against water damage.
  • Interior designer Tyler Karu treated the white walls of her living room like a gallery to display her art collection.
  • And today there are any number of freewheeling colors based on crayons along with awesome special-effect finishes like glow-in-the-dark paint and glitter.

Venture into the realm of the unique and exotic, like vibrant Bromeliads, quirky Snake Plants, or lush Monstera Deliciosa with their oversized tropical leaves. Even colorful flowers can provide that burst of brightness that subtly ties into other elements in your space. Repurposing is an ingenious way to infuse new life into items that have lost their original purpose, further fueling the individualistic charm of this design style. For instance, an old ladder might find a new lease on life as a distinctive bookshelf. Mix smooth with rough, shiny with matte, and don’t be afraid to experiment.