51 Inspiring Home Design Quotes: Our Curated Collection


Here, a large floral art piece leans against the backsplash, bringing color and seasonal cheer. As spring bulbs begin to pop up outdoors, an assortment of low-maintenance houseplants can bring the color of the season indoors. Incorporate a variety of plants with interesting textures and colors, then pair with a vintage botanical print. So, unleash your inner interior designer and have a ball with your home decor because there’s no right or wrong way to curate a space that’s truly your own. Selecting the right color scheme is crucial in creating home decor ideas to achieve the desired ambiance and mood. You can use a monochromatic color scheme for a cohesive look or complementary colors to create contrast.

  • Brocade is a luxurious fabric often seen in traditional Indian palaces and regal homes.
  • These fresh ideas will bring you Texas-style inspiration for your space with the latest designs, styles, and trends no matter where you live.
  • To ensure your home decor has longevity, we have garnered expert tips, ideas, inspiration and advice from interior designers and the Homes & Gardens team.
  • Create a Christmas tree that takes up zero room (perfect for a child’s room or a kitchen) by drawing one onto a blackboard wall.
  • It’s not just about filling up wall space, it’s about injecting personality into it.

A great idea for apartment Christmas decor, it’s one way to create mystery and excitement in your entryway. Mixing things up with different patterns and shades will give your room bags of personality,’ says Ben Frost, furniture designer at DFS. One of the most iconic lighting fixtures in traditional Indian homes is the diya.

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Every frame on this playful bedroom gallery wall from Fantastic Frank is more or less askew, showing that it doesn’t take itself too seriously while demonstrating the power of organized chaos. The Merrythought added a vintage school map to the wall of this shared kids room that will help them learn geography without even trying. Studio Peake added a framed classic film poster to the wall behind this London living room home office desk. Don’t underestimate the power of a rug, which may be the final touch your minimalist space is craving. In a bathroom, for instance, tuck your toothbrush and other daily items away in a drawer.