17 Best Bathroom Design Tool Options Today


If your space starts to feel too somber, adding wallpaper can be a quick and cost-effective way to up the personality and color. You don’t even need to swath an entire wall—just a strip can provide all the interest your contemporary bath needs. When we think of contemporary bathrooms, we probably picture all-white, sleek interiors. But, a modern twist on the traditional bathroom can certainly include a punch of color, like this cool bathroom filled with blue tiling. Modernize your bathroom with the addition of graphic, impactful wallpaper. This black-and-white motif pairs perfectly with the more neutral, earthy vanity and sink, creating some nice contrast.

  • If you’re wondering if adding an extra bathroom will add value to your home, it’s likely the move will pay off.
  • Whilst you may not feel the need for a full bathroom renovation, you can replace a feature or two to keep your bathroom modernize.
  • One common thread you’re likely to find in many contemporary baths is a thoroughly clean look.
  • We offer a free design service where our team will work with you to create a bespoke bathroom design tailored to your space, style and budget.
  • Narrow shelves are most commonly seen next to shower areas but these can be installed almost anywhere in the bathroom.

The drawers allow for the same storage as cabinets but with a more elegant look. This minimalist apartment in London, which local studio Paolo Cossu Architects designed “almost like a blank canvas”, features an equally minimalist bathroom. The home’s two minimalist bathrooms were informed by Japanese traditions and feature simple wooden details and brick floors. For our latest lookbook, we have collected eight minimalist bathrooms that combine tactile materials and organic details to create a relaxing and tranquil environment. In sustainable bathroom design, choose waterproofing materials and sealants that are eco-friendly.

Bathroom Design Malta

Here, we have an antiqued mirror with a small cove around the entire perimeter incorporating a linear light. The light glows from all sides, making the mirror feel like it’s floating in the light. For Art Deco appeal in plain and beautiful sight, accent a neutral bathroom with clean geometric lines.

  • The bright mosaic tile includes shades of pink and copper, giving a delicate yet sparkly effect.
  • There are lots of fans of the design of “less is more” or maybe minimalism in that the focus is positioned on a clean look and minimum elements.
  • As standard bathtubs are 5 feet long , 5 x 7 bathrooms are common.
  • And, yes, you can even extend the trend to your bathroom floor tiles.
  • In this bathroom by Lucy Harris, the decorative accents are set against a backdrop of sage green tiles for a spa-like effect.

Interior designer Alvin Wayne chose a large-scale abstract pattern with a hand-drawn quality in this black-and-white New York City bathroom for a modern feel. Add transformative color to a small bathroom with a tiled half-wall. House of Chais used the same pill-shaped tile on the walls of this compact space, with bright white on the top and a wrap-around half wall in alternating warm shades of pink on the bottom. Bring retro glam to a tiny powder room with bold finishes and decor.

Decorative Wall Panels

If you have a low ceiling, vertical shiplap is an excellent choice as it can trick the eye and make your room appear taller. Wainscoting is a kind of extended skirting board designed to break up the monotony of a wall. It will add some charm and decorative detail to your bathroom while protecting your walls. Wainscoting is usually wood so remember to paint or seal properly, especially in splash zones. Marble is an extremely versatile natural stone that can be used anywhere in your bathroom. Countertops are probably the most common place you’ll find marble, along with sinks, walls, or even floors.

  • In this bathroom designed by Emily Bowser for Emily Henderson Design, the window becomes an open-faced cabinet with the addition of shelves.
  • So why not amp things up with terrazzo designed walls and floors?
  • When thinking about your bathroom lighting design, you’ll need to incorporate both task and mood lighting, that can adapt to changing requirements and ambiance levels throughout the day.
  • Although the work is delayed and not easy to go through during covid , the team stilltried their best to meet the needs of ours and completed as fast as they can .
  • Geometric accents work great for a contemporary bathroom theme and can be featured on flooring, through furnishings, or as minute details.
  • When placed near a large window with views of nature and surrounded by marble tiles—like in the bathroom of designer Krystal Matthews—it makes for a highly lavish setup.