20 Bathroom Design Ideas That Will Transform Your Space

Decorative wallpaper, delicate wainscoting, and crown molding add flavor to a traditional bathroom design. Modern luxury and stunning period features combine in this beautiful cottage bathroom which proves that even if you have an old home you can still create a spa-like sanctuary. Some other colors might also appear, but they shouldn’t be dominant. If the living room wall space is decorated in bright colors, the most effective wallpaper colors will be beige and white, light and discreet grey, pale olive, and cafe au lait color.

  • It may seem like a small choice, but don’t make the color of your grout an afterthought.
  • To create a wet room that encompasses both a shower and a tub, you’ll likely have to commit a large portion of your bathroom’s square footage—but, once you do, you’ll never look back.
  • The flower design draws the eye up to help the space feel larger, and the monochromatic color scheme gives the bathroom a high-end look.
  • Incorporating greenery and vibrant artwork can also create a captivating and balanced ambiance.
  • Marie Flanigan Interiors chose light wood shelving that matches the drawers on the sink vanity for a cohesive look.

If expensive glass mosaics or hand-crafted tiles are a must-have but your budget is tight, then think about using your chosen tiles as a feature and tile elsewhere with standard format tiles. “Matching patterns ensure the room has few visual interruptions, creating an expansive feel,” Ivo explains. This crisp, clean shade will reflect light and is seriously timeless, too. This will also make your small bathroom appear lighter and more airy, thanks to the material being clear. Follow us for a daily dose of outstanding homes, intelligent architecture & beautiful design. Modern shower rooms contain glass panelling or a walled off section.

Think about the little touches

It is a fantastic choice for a bathroom in case you are pleased to use it. Porcelain tiles – One huge plus about porcelain is there’s a great deal of design flexibility so that they can be available in a selection of colors, finishes, styles, and sizes. No one can get over how gorgeous this contemporary bathroom is with its alcove shower and pebble tile floor.

  • Close-coupled toilets, with the cistern sitting on the pan, can be stylish and practical and both contemporary and more traditional designs are on offer.
  • For a super sleek art gallery-esque bathroom, take note of this space by AP Design House.
  • Instead of sticking to neutral tones, add color and pattern to a modern bathroom with a mix of tiles.
  • Removing your tub is the perfect choice if you’re busy and prefer quick showers over relaxing baths.
  • The kitchen is often described as the heart of the home, but the bathroom is where ‘me time’ takes top priority.

Getting the right tiles is an essential part of planning a traditional bathroom. Depending on the era you have in your mind, you can opt for patterned and wood effect floor tiles or glossy metro tiles. When selecting flooring for your bathroom, keep the anticipated wear and tear, the architectural theme of your house, and your favorite color or texture in mind.