20 Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas That Go Beyond the Basics

In a small, neutral bathroom, make a statement with a signature element. Becca Interiors created a focal point in this bathroom painted in shades of beige with a dramatic stone sink for a memorable finish. In a powder room, hang a flattering tinted mirror that will make your guests feel good when they check themselves before heading back to the party. Michelle Berwick Design chose a rose-tinted round mirror to complement a coral sink and floral wallpaper, but you can opt for brass to create a warm glow, too. The rest of the interior design palette includes peach-painted walls and pale-toned tiles. Graphic floor tiles feature throughout this renovated south London home, with a mix of both contemporary and classic designs.

  • Instead of enjoying a space that represents your tastes, you’re more likely to be left with something much too plain.
  • A curved centre peice in the Kitchen encourages the space to feel like a room with customised bespoke built in furniture rather than your every day kitchen.
  • Whether hanging over the tub, sitting on a ledge, or tucked within a vase on the vanity, greenery and florals are a quick way to give a fresh nod in any space.
  • Medicine cabinets are an obvious choice to help create a minimalist bathroom.

Expert tip – tall and sleek corner fitting cabinets are an ideal small bathroom idea. There’s something both moreish and Moorish about this delicious pink shower room, which demonstrates how going bold in a small space can pay off. Instead curate little vignettes and use house plants or ceramics to add pops of color. ‘Cleverly chosen surfaces can completely transform the look and help you make the most of even the smallest space,’ says Leila Roberts from Fired Earth.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas With Marble

A spacious shower can also help establish a feeling of open space that comes with the coastline. Try contrasting your white bathroom fixtures with black floor tiles for a sleek and elegant feel. The organic pattern of the wallpaper, rounded shape of the mirror, and strong clean lines of the sink all blend together to create an eye-catching and dramatic space. Renovate a midcentury modern bathroom with both vintage and contemporary elements to create a fresh and current feel. Michelle Boudreau Design mixed terrazzo flooring, retro-inspired lighting and seating, floating vanities, and a streamlined oval tub for a timeless mix of old and new. Instead of sticking to neutral tones, add color and pattern to a modern bathroom with a mix of tiles.

Incorporating pocket doors can enhance the flow and save space while adding elegance. In this post, we explore creative design ideas that can transform your master bathroom into a luxurious and inviting retreat. Whether you’re considering renovating your bathroom or want to design a brand new one, these ideas are guaranteed to inspire.

Hall Bathroom Remodel Ideas

So if you’re in the mood to give your bathroom a face-lift, look no further and get inspired by these stylish bathroom design trends for 2021. When designing a minimalist and modern bathroom, stick to things like neutral tones. But keep things interesting and varied by layering tiles of different materials for different sections in the space, as Ishka Designs did in this luxe bathroom.