22 Timeless Bathroom Designs That Won’t Go Out of Style


If the existing bath layout really bothers you or is unworkable, your top priority may be to relocate fixtures. If you’re remodeling an existing bath, you’ll have to decide whether you want to incur the expense of moving basic fixtures and changing the basic layout. If you really want to know about all this in detail, the information is available.

  • Done well, a wet room is incredibly desirable and can boost your home’s value, too.
  • The grandness of the bathroom is in its scale, with more space than one would ever need to bathe, allowing for a minimalist masterpiece of a fireplace to command all the attention.
  • Towel cupboards, under-sink compartments, and plenty of countertop space are a must.
  • A guest bathroom or en-suite should be designed for occasional use and has very different requirements than a full-sized family bathroom.
  • Often seen in designer fabrics , this sophisticated scheme uses two colors on each side of a color plus the two colors on each side of its complement.

The beautiful light fixture and painted ceiling tie the design together, while contrast is added through vertical wall paneling and patterned wallpaper. Contemporary bathrooms take full advantage of natural elements and hues. The teak tub and pair of sinks warm up this distinctly minimal room.

Position your bath by the window

Whether you opt for a unique pattern or create a custom mosaic look, you can make a big impact on the final look of your space based purely on the tile that you choose. Retiling your bathroom can be a large and expensive project, but it will undoubtedly completely transform your space and it’s one of the best ways to switch up the style of your bathroom. If you are handy, it is definitely possible to retile your bathroom on your own, but you can also easily find a professional in your area to do it too.

  • Single-occupancy, gender-inclusive restrooms provide safe spaces for everyone.
  • Options include turning an adjacent box room into an en suite, stealing an unused area of an upstairs landing or using stud walls to section off a large bedroom.
  • It’s the place you start and end each day, with an invigorating shower or perhaps a deep, relaxing bath.
  • Combine with distressed and weathered surfaces to add a lived-in feel.

This allowed us to get natural light easily into the restroom spaces and not worry too much about heat gain. To help with the issue of heat, we also make the spaces with a high volume to allow as much heat to rise as possible. Again this decision comes from the conceptual phase when we are not certain of the HVAC situation.

Creative Design Services

Pink is specific, but you can make it work by making sure it’s not too pink. The key is to incorporate some contrast and keep your details elevated. Here, a soft charcoal-black clay tile featuring a retro, pale pink starburst makes a fun but elegant statement. Multi-user restrooms are ideal but are often plagued by gaps at the floor, ceiling and doors that negatively impact visual and acoustical privacy. Floor-to-ceiling doors are slightly more expensive because each stall needs individual lighting and ventilation, Stalled! Alternatively, specifying “zero sight line” doors or doors that only have small gaps at the floor and ceiling ensures visual privacy without needing to modify mechanical and lighting systems.

  • Bathrooms are transforming from functional rooms that we use only when necessary to more luxurious spaces where we unwind, relax and recharge.
  • Fill glass containers with pebbles and use as stand for your makeup kits or hair brushes.
  • Leave between 2–3 feet (0.61–0.91 m) of space between the door and any bathroom items, such as a sink or toilet.
  • Lever-style faucets and handles are particularly beneficial for individuals with arthritis or those who use wheelchairs.
  • Some parts of the bathroom that can be reworked or modified include the shower base, vanity top, bathtub, and shelves.