24 French Country Kitchen Ideas for a Delightfully European Cookspace

Bold, statement pieces can be a key feature of modern kitchen design, whether it’s a standout backsplash in luxe marble or a striking stone, or a grand statement island as a focal point feature. The trick with modern kitchen design is that ultimately less is more, so it’s fine to go ‘big’ with one key standout feature, as long as the rest of the scheme is reserved and restrained in comparison. If you want to add more color, blue-and-white is a classic pairing that will never go out of style.

  • The studio retained the rammed-earth walls in order to “recover the essence” of the home, as well as regulate the moisture, temperature and acoustics of the interior.
  • ‘This may be a single or two-stool perching point, or simply a more economically sized breakfast bar,’ says director, Jack Trench.
  • Don’t rule out adding a glass structure as a way of gaining extra space.
  • This style features an open layout, often with one wall removed to create a more spacious and connected feel.

‘Consider your space as divided into zones for specific functions, planning appropriate storage for each area and creating an easy sense of flow around the room. We love the detailing of these kitchen tile ideas and how they work against the sleek blue units. The result is an exciting color scheme that incorporates both pattern and plain elements that are both bold and contemporary. If you truly love cooking it makes sense that your kitchen ideas should be centered around functionality first. The growing interest in home cooking during has lead to the rise in interest in chef’s kitchens – how they are laid out, the appliances they include and their practicality-first design approach.

Multifunctional split-level kitchen island

The overall look of your kitchen lighting should complement the kitchen’s style, too obviously. Fell in love with a piece of vintage furniture but just can’t make it work in its current space? You would be surprised what you can make work – use a chest of drawers to store pans, an old shelving unit for cookbooks, or a console table for your best crockery.

  • Add modern farmhouse style to a small kitchen with a vertical shiplap backsplash, like this basement space from Louis Duncan-He Designs.
  • Add some extra bling to your kitchen by refacing your kitchen cabinets with gold metallic contact paper, like this small New York City apartment from interior designer Alvin Wayne.
  • Make a statement by covering your kitchen island in dark green marble.
  • When Raji Radhakrishnan was commissioned to decorate this kitchen in a Piet Boon-designed home, he didn’t want to detract from the beautiful architectural details.

Following the presentation, Regalo Kitchens will design your kitchen for you. In India, mothers spend hours preparing meal after meal for their families. Spending too much time in the kitchen can result in time being lost and important time being wasted.

Dark and Moody Cabinets

As the name suggests, this kitchen is shaped like the letter L, with two walls forming a 90-degree angle. The L-shaped kitchen typically has a lot of counter space, making it ideal for cooking and entertaining. It also provides easy access to all kitchen appliances, saving time when preparing meals. This kitchen design is often used in homes with limited space, as it is a very efficient way to use the available space. This black-and-white kitchen from Becca Interiors has a minimalist feel with its clean lines, sleek flat-front cabinetry, waterfall edge island, and two-tone cabinetry that runs all the way up to the ceiling. Michelle Berwick Design paired vertical stacked terracotta tiles on the kitchen island with coral base cabinetry and a scalloped hood vent in this modern cottage kitchen.


Successful kitchens are designed to integrate with the house, as well as the room, in which they are installed. Light toned woods such as oak in natural finishes are currently the most popular but walnut and other dark woods are a sophisticated alternative. You’ll add a few extra cabinets to your kitchen, you’ll provide a mini breakfast bar area and will also help divide an eat-in kitchen without dominating the space.